Krishnacharya Khare

Ph.D. (Max-Planck Institute, Germany) (2007)ASSISTANT   PROFESSOR

Dr. Krishnacharya joined the department in Nov’2009. He received his PhD degree in Soft Matter Physics from Max-Planck Institute, Germany in 2007. During PhD he mainly worked on the manipulation of wetting morphologies on topographically structured substrates and open microfluidics. Subsequently he started his postdoctoral work in the Materials science and Engineering department at the University of Pennsylvania (UPenn), Philadelphia, USA with Prof. Shu Yang. There he worked on mechanical instabilities and other interfacial phenomenon e.g. adhesion and frictions of soft topographic substrates. He is an experimental physicists with research interests in smart responsive surfaces with tunable wetting and superhydrophobic behavior, microfluidics with complex fluids and tunable mechanical properties e.g. adhesion and friction.

More details can be found on his personal homepage. Web