Y. N. Mohapatra

Ph.D. (Indian Institute of Science  1989) PROFESSOR

Dr. Yashowanta Narayan Mohapatra joined the Department in 1990. He obtained his doctoral degree at the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. Subsequently he carried out postdoctoral research at the Indian Institute of Science before joining IITK.

He is an experimental Condensed Matter physicist, whose chief interest lies in physics of Semiconductors, and Electronic and Photonic Materials suitable for device applications. Currently, he is working on localization phenomena to understand photoelectronic properties of organic and polymeric semiconductors, and their applications in organic electronics including printable electronics, displays and solar cells.

He is a member of the APS, MRS and the Semiconductor Society of India. Apart from core courses, he regularly offers electives on Nanostructures, Electronic Materials, Characterization of Semiconductor Materials and Devices. He also takes deep interest in designing Physics Laboratories to offset the neglect of experiment in traditional teaching of physics.

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