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Autograv CG-6

The CG-6 Autograv™ is the next-generation land gravity meter combining a modern, intuitive user interface with our renowned quartz sensor technology housed in a rugged yet lightweight enclosure. The new CG-6 offers fast, reliable and precise gravity measurements and includes an array of mapping and post-processing functionality with our new Lynx LG software conveniently installed on the optional tablet computer.

gPhone Mg LaCoste

The gPhone gravity meter is based upon the LaCoste and Romberg technology that has dominated land gravity meters since 1939. The gPhone gravity meter has a low drift so that it can be used to integrate periodic signals (like earth tides) for very long time periods (years). The gPhone also has excellent hight frequency response so they can be used to monitor higher frequency non-periodic events such as earthquakes. The gPhone can be coarse-ranged over 7000 milliGals (worldwide, and has a 100 milliGal dynamic range during measurement.