Research Labs

Associated Faculty
Associated Staff
Phase Stability Laboratory
A. K. Verma
G. Singh
Computational Materials Laboratory
Solidification & Nanomaterials Laboratory (7720)
K. S. Tripathi
Electronic Material Group
K. S. Tripathi
Carbon Nanostructure and Amorphous Material Laboratory
Rakesh Dixit
Electronic Materials Laboratory
I. P. Singh
Texture Microstructure Stress Laboratory
S. Samal
Materials for Photovoltaics and Energy Storage
S. K. Mishra
CeramicWorks Laboratory
Ajay P. Singh
Thin Film Processing Laboratory
Solid State Diffusion and Thermokinetics Laboratory
G. Mishra
Plasmonics and Perovskites Laboratory (6802)
Ravindra Agnihotri
Process Steel Research Laboratory (7977)
Anurag Prasad
Solid State Transformation Laboratory (7648)
G. Mishra
Microstructure, Modelling & Simulation Laboratory
A K Verma
Electroceramics Research Lab
B. R. Singh
Mechanical Behaviour Laboratory (7959)
Hydro-Metallurgy Laboratory (7001)
G. P. Bajpai
Structural Nano Metarials Laboratory (7278)
Sheelendra Agnihotri
Process Metallurgy Laboratory
Anurag Prasad
Dr. S. S. Singh's Laboratory
N. Deka
M. Oraon
Powder Metallurgy Laboratory (7342)
Sheelendra Agnihotri
G. P. Bajpai