Lab Norms

  1. Only trained and approved users are allowed to reserve a slot and operate Raman spectrometer on their own. (Other users please see point 8 below)
  2. Super-users will provide training and check individual users for approval.
  3. All trained user will be provided access to Raman spectrometer through biometric access control.
  4. All users must first make a reservation using online reservation system before using the system.
  5. For online reservation take a login access (username and password) to Mr. Govind ( one-time process for login must be required. Once you get the login and password you are allow to book slots.
  6. System can be reserved for a minimum 2 hour and maximum 3 hours slot at a time and no more than 2 slots per user in a week. If your work requires longer duration or more slot prior approval of user-committee is required. System reservation can only be done in 3-hour slots.
  7. Users, you will have the flexibility to book Raman slots for a minimum of 2 hour and a maximum of 3 hours. After booking a slot, please send an email to the related lab staff/TA who is going to help you with the Raman measurements. 
  8. As a trial, system will be available from 9:00AM to 9:00PM (4 slots of 3 hours each), 5 days a week and on Saturdays 10AM to 5:00PM for variable temperature measurements. Timings will be increased later depending on usage. Only super-users are allowed to use the system out-side these hours.
  9. Seven slots (M/T/W/Th/Fri - 9:00AM-12:00PM and T/Thu: 3:00-6:00PM) of every week are non-approved or un-trained users. Staff/TAs assigned to Raman spectroscopy will help such users with their measurements. Untrained users may request these slots online for Raman characterization of their samples with the help of TAs/Staff. These slots may increase/decrease in future as per demand.
  10. All users must fill the log-book accurately and completely including any concerns/remarks.
  11. At present we request only two users per group (preferably a PhD candidate).
  12. All users must use the system for their samples or samples from their research group only.
  13. All users must follow the standard operating procedures (SOP) and any deviation from SOP must first be cleared by facility in-charge.
  14. Non-adherence to the policies and un-approved usage of the system (including tempering and/or breaking of system/parts) will be dealt by the user committee.
  15. All users must ensure that they understand SOP and other safety guidelines clearly.
  16. All users must treat the system with respect and help in ensuring that system remains in perfectly working condition at all times. This is a department facility and is provided to users with-out any intermediary staff.
  17. All approved users must submit a signed copy of this document (sign by user and his/her supervisor) to facility-in-charge as acceptance of these policies.
  18. Non-Approved users should avoid to book slots on gazetted holiday, and Saturday Sunday.  
  19. If you have specific questions/concerns or require a longer slot for special measurements, please contact the lab in-charge Prof. Shikhar Krishn Jha.