Users, you will have the flexibility to book photoluminescence spectroscopy slot for 2 hours. After booking a slot, please send an email to the related lab staff/TA who is going to help you with the photoluminescence spectroscopy measurements. The email should give sample details. 

If you have specific questions/concerns or require a longer slot for special measurements, please contact the lab in-charge Prof. Sarang Ingole (, FB-406.

TA Duty for Raman and PL Facility at WL-307

(Wef. 30-01-2023 to till new TAs training for Next Semester)

Scheduled Day

(09:00 AM to 1:00 PM)

(02:00 PM to 5:30 PM)


@Saurabh Sharma

@Anish Ash


*Mr. Shilankar

Ms. Sruthi S.


@Mr. Sumit Kr. Shahu

Vikas Singh


*Dr. Shiva Kant

@Soumyadeep Sur


@Shivam Aggarwal

Mr. Sumit Kr. Shahu/ Soumyadeep Sur/ Shivam Aggarwal/ Saurabh Sharma/ Anish Ash

Saturday (On special request for Non-Ambient Raman)

Dr. Shiva Kant/Mr. Shilankar/ TAs
(At least two of them will be present)

* Will be available in any special requirement (on prior information)

@ On Friday (in order of 1st,2nd,3rd,4th and 5th) of every month

Note: For PL Measurement users can book their slots on Thursday and Friday only

User(s) are requested to contact your concern TA if you have any query on given below contact details


Email Address

Mobile No.

Dr. Shiva Kant

+91-9335253968; 7140

Soumyadeep Sur

+91- 9163818042

Mr. Shilankar

+91-8899210147; 7140

Mr. Sruthi S.


20106280 Shivam Aggarwal


Mr. 19206270 Vikas Singh


21106277 Saurabh Sharma


20106291 Anish Ash


22106020 Sumit Kr Sahu


For login details you need to contact Govind ( (one time process), once you get the login and password you are allow to book slots.
Job request form for Photoluminance Facility

Incase you are having trouble or not able to see the below given calendar for booking Please remove cache from your browser, if still it is not working, then click on the link:, please click here

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