Excitation Laser
  • 632.8 nm He-Ne Laser. (LASOS LGK765 P18 20 mw)
  • 532 nm DPSS Laser. (Laser Quantum gem 50 mw)
  • 785 nm DPSS Laser. (IPS 100 mw)
Objective Lens : 5X, 20X, 50X ,100X.

Sample Limitation : Thickness not more than 2 cm

Spectrometer Details:
Princeton Instruments Acton Spectra Pro 2500i

Selection of Grating & Center Wavelength
The Grating that mounts in the spectrometer are:
  • g 2400/HVIS (for UV to VIS, Narrow range)
  • g 1200/ HVIS ( for UV to VIS, Middle range)
  • g 600/750 nm (for VIS to NIR, Wide range)

  • The instrument specially designed for measuring PL spectra
  • The PL set up consists of following component.
  • Xenon arc lamp 450 W, coupled to TRIX 190 monochromator.
  • The integrating sphere itself with a sample holder and two ports (entrance/exit) from sphere optics.
  • The detection system, including a monochromator (Triax 320) including three grating and photomultiplier Tube (PMT).