The Tech-Ila-Sizzlers sizzles at Super Techies show

Sun, Sep 30, 2012

Alumni Speak

World resigns when IIT Kanpur MBA students contest!!

Success of an educational institute is exhibited by its alumni when they distinguish themselves through different endeavours around the world. Over the last many years, alumni of MBA IIT Kanpur have shown their presence across the occupations. They have conquered every opportunity in different territories winning accolades to showcase their mettle. It’s our pleasure to announce once again that our Alumnus, this time Siddhartha Gupta and Aditi Makol, MBA batch of 2010 have made their Alma mater proud by coming up as  winners of the Capgemini Super Techie Show.

Capgemini Super Techies show aired on ETNow is India’s first reality TV series for IT professionals where they get a platform to showcase their tech talent to the world. Siddhartha and Aditi, the TECH-ILA- SIZZLERS, had somewhere deep in their psyche that art of winning, the skills of analyzing and problem solving, the knowledge, the attitude to be a leader and the charming personality. The ignition came through a newspaper advertisement and the journey to fame had commenced. As every journey has milestones to achieve, this was no different, starting from an online application form, then profile based short listing, telephonic Interview, face-to-Face interview and to make it more gruesome the on-the-spot problem solving round and presentation to extremely competent and experienced jury members from the ETNow, Business Financial news channel and Capgemini, the world renowned consulting, technology and outsourcing firm. Further to add the flavour of adventure, each round being eliminating, aimed to bring out the best contestant. The contestants, coming from the four zones of the country, being gems from their varied fields, working for big organizations to the likes of Adobe and Linkedin, having experience in the range of 20 years plus the entrepreneur’s who have successfully established many companies, formed the invincible army to take on. The Tech-Ila- Sizzlers were one of the youngest of all the teams. A total of twenty one teams were selected from across the zones and the Tech-Ila- Sizzlers was one of them. Three teams were grouped to compete against each other.