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Thursday, May 20, 2010 11:15 AM


Its been a long time since I have written to you. My apologies. Actually I didn't have much going on with my life to write to you about. I do have something now..and hence this mail. I realize that you must be busy with the preparation of this years' camp and also that by now you must be habitual of reading a lot of such thanksgiving mails. I would thus keep this mail short and simple.
The good news is, I have now completed my undergraduate at IITK and have been accepted for Masters' program at University of Illinois,US. Not only this, I have also been offered Masters' admission at Stanford Univ., and Univ of Texas Austin. I have finally chosen Illinois because of the professional nature of its course curriculum.
Sir, I just wanted to express my heartfelt gratitude towards you and the summer-camp for helping me achieve whatever little success that I have. I don't claim that summer-camp was a life changing experience for me but at the same time I can't help but feel, in retrospect, that If I just take that one summer-month out of my life, I would certainly be telling a different story of my life right that may not be as good to hear. :)
The camp taught me a lot of things and academics was just a small part of it. Most important among these things for me was 'humility'. To see the amazing level of knowledge and enthusiasm among my fellow students from some not-so-hyped colleges was a unique experience for me. Never before had I been exposed to such high levels of talent and hardwork as I saw in those 60 students. This experience certainly helped me by bursting that bubble of misplaced-confidence which most of us IITians carry around.
Besides this, there is of-course that never-ending list of 'benefits derived from the Summer-camp', which I would not repeat as I am sure you must have read most of them in other mails. But I would definitely like to add that just because they are common, doesn't mean they are less important in any way.
I would like to wish the best of luck once again to you and your team. I believe Summer-camp will continue achieving new heights of glory and keep on enriching and influencing students' lives as it has so successfully been doing in the past..

Garuav K Singh
IIT Kanpur

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Thursday, June 24, 2009 12:10 AM


I am Anup Bhutada, (2008 summer camper from Pusad, Maharashtra). Sorry sir, I am making contact with u after 1 year. Sir, I am really missing the camp. Today right one year has completed. As u know I am from rural area. I never thought that i will visit IITK in my life. Because of summer camp, there are some remarkable changes in my personality, communication, & behaviour took place and as a result of this I am awarded by "BEST STUDENT OF YEAR". Also I scored 84.15 % in my final year and topped from all the five departments in the college. I have broken all the records of percentage in the university (6 colleges). Sir, also I got the admission in NICMAR Hydrabad for my PG in Advance construction management. I completed my engg. successfully. All the credit goes to summer camp. My parents are thanking to summer camp experts who took the effort for one month. Thank u very much sir. My wishes are with the 2009 campers and I will suggest to take the advantage of this camp in making ur bright future.

Anup Bhutada
Pusad Maharashtra

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Wednesday, May 20, 2009 11:09 PM


It was a pleasant surprise to read your mail regarding the summer camp. I was a participant of summer camp 2008, from NIT Calicut, Kerala. As any other camper might say, it was a life changing experience as a student in
Civil Engineering by choice. An entirely different life for one month was the most exciting thing about the camp. For me, a journey to North India for the first time in life, two days in train with unknown 'friends'! In all respects I enjoyed end felt each moment of the camp. Starting from the morning exercise to the culturals in the night. It brought me a bunch of very good friends and a lot of everlasting memorable moments. The first time i realised, that I can play football..that it doesn't pain even if you hav a small fracture..that its really fun to work in and for a group...that the field of Civil Engineering is much broader than what is taught in classrooms and text books...that some relations once formed will last for ever...that there are teachers we never want to miss...and numerous other things...! I'm not able to stack everything in an order in my brain because the memories are countless.. I thank the Great God and CE Department of IIT Kanpur for giving me an opportunity to be a part of a wonderfull camp. And I wish the camp continues to be an everlasting source of inspiration for the coming

NIT Calicut

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