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First of all I would like to regret for my late response to share my feelings about Summer Camp. I am one of the participants of the SC'07 (the same batch who got the opportunity to meet the then former President of India Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam), Anil Kumar Sharma. Summer Camp in my experience, as it says is really a *Life Transforming* experience. I am not from a very rich background and my main aim to go in engineering field was to earn money as soon as possible so that I can support my family. First of all I always wanted to go in software branches (CS, IT, EC etc.) as there are lots of Job opportunities after BTech.

I have got 3 turning points in my life. The first one when I had chosen Civil Engg in the counseling with a hope that I may be upgraded to other branches if some seats remain after counseling. But after studying Civil Engg for a month I had gained so much interest that I left the opportunity to be upgraded. Second was when I got the opportunity to participate in Summer Camp'07. Here I was able to interact with so many eminent personalities which only the few of the students get chance all over India. I really got interest in higher studies from here itself (atleast for MTech). But family pressure let to go for job. I thought of doing M.Tech 2-3 years after my job. But due to recession not much core companies came in our campus Cochin Univ.). So I was only left with a software job in TCS and was bound to this join as I had some family pressures. But I better thought to go Delhi to search for some core jobs. But here's the 3rd and you can say the most important turning point in my life turn). I had applied for the PG and PhD courses this year at IISc Bangalore and to the surprise I got into direct Ph.D. So I finally got PhD Geotechnical and also I'll be getting stipend. Without stipend I could not have gone for it and that's a fact. Forgot to mention that My big brother supported me in all this (My father is no more and I am dependent on him).

I just wanted to point that it was the Summer Camp which made me dedicated towards Civil Engg and finally I got what I wanted. This was all about my experience after the Summer Camp. I hope it was not too much lengthy to read.

Anil Kumar Sharma

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Wednesday, May 20, 2009 7:05 PM


This is bhargava krishna, summer camper 07. Right now, i am in IIT Delhi for PG interviews. Few weeks before, i came to IIT kanpur to attend interview in structures.I have asked the in charge of the Hall 5 to allot the same room in the same block (H 215) where i stayed for 28 days during the camp.This will inferr you how much i love
the camp. I felt it amazing and very nice remembering every moment we spent there. Ofcourse, i could get the room next to the room where i stayed during the camp. Camp changed many things in me. what to write.... i would share some.

Team effort is no one. working together is what i felt i should impart. I started working with people after the camp. This is very clear from the activities of the camp like bridge building with news papers, constructing retaining wall with fly ash and tissue paper and so on. Many of us could not bring our actions in to reality because of variety of ideas at a time, misunderstandings etc. However i could observed that work will be half the way by the end of specified time. i also observed that the case is same with many of my friends. so what is important at the end is wether we did it or not. that implied me the importance of togetherness..... sharing thoughts, discussions, respecting the ideas of friends and finally to bring our plan to reality. i am not saying that i did this, but still trying to continue the process and it goes on.

i am really amazed after hearing the lectures of Dr Murthy and Dr Jain. To be honest, they are ..... mindblowing to my small mind. Especially Dr Jain came second time accepting our reqests.

How would it be when all the 60 people have leg pains at a time.? become drowsed at atime..?? feel thirsty..?? where else would it be possible in our lives ..?? except in the camp. Morning exercises and continuos shedule
made us to feel so. Some of my friends hated these initially but changed their ideas completely by the end of second week itself. this was very very nice. I couldnot express in words. one should experience it.

Personality work shop has its own share. Circle exercise is really thought provoking to all of us. not even one thought in that direction. I still remember Ranjana mam's words.. thinking out of the box.

There is nothing worth remembering in my life other than the camp. To be honest, my life is clear after i became a part of Summer Camp. Even i joined in civil engineering as i could not get others at the time of councelling. Despite of my fathers advices, i choosed civil with out informing him at the time of choosing. All my family members opposed this and even my friends. My father did not spoke to me for two weeks. I confined my self to home to escape from the suggestions and lectures of family friends and others. This was the situation at that time. But things has changed. My father is happy now and friends are on the same line.

I do not know how to end this. But one thing is sure.... Camp changed my life. Thanks to IIT K and Tandon Consultancy and in particular to Dr Ajanta Sachan, who spent most of her time with us (almost from 6.00 am to 10.30 pm.).

Forgive me if there are any mistakes.

Bhargava Krishna

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