Summer Campers of 2001 @IITK  



Wednesday, June 17, 2009 12:08 AM


I hope you are doing well. I havenít communicated with you for a long time and thought I update you of my new project. I have been assigned to work on San Francisco Ė Oakland Bay Bridge Self Anchored Span project as a Cable Engineer. Itís a signature project in Bay Area and itís a dream come true and vision that I captured for myself at 2001 Summer Camp. I truly believe 2001 SC was wonderful thing that happened in my life and has lead me to where I am today. I know 2009 IITKSC is going on and I would like to congratulate all the participants who were selected. I am sure for lot of them, this will be a life changing event in terms of their careers as well as personal life. I believe if even half of them can still the excitement and vision of civil engineering, the camp would be a great success. There is no other camp and mentoring like IITKSC, exist in the world. They all are blessed and I would recommend taking full advantage of 2009 IITK SC. Good luck to all.

I will be the cable engineer on the project responsible for Parallel Wire Strand Cable and suspender erection means, methods and testing. We are trying to get done with the engineering done so that construction planning can be done. Apart from that the Orthotropic Box Girders, Temporary works and Tower erections are as unique as Cable Works, nothing like this has been done before and itís extremely challenging and exciting at same time. Itís like we are inventing new things everyday. I will send you some pictures once I get to take them. If you plan to visit San Francisco Bay Area in next 3 years, please let me know I would like to meet you.

Ankur Singh
Cable Engineer, San Francisco 

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