Staff Gymkhana

Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur

About Us ( Aims and Objectives )

  • Promoting interaction among the staff members of the Institute.
  • Fostering fraternal friendship and mutual understanding devoid of any political character whatsoever, and promoting goodwill purely through healthy and friendly participation in sports and games; and
  • Projecting a laudable image of IIT Kanpur and enhance its prestige by dedication and determination in pursuit of success and victory in competitive activities of sports and games;

As per the policy of Government of India, sports activities are highly encouraged in every Ministry/Ofice/Institution in order to find talented persons and to reduce general problems like hypertension, high blood pressure, diabetes etc. and to improve the work culture and personality of the personnel.

The Staff Gymkhana shall organize sports activities in IIT Kanpur in recognized events, to encourage sportsmanship generally, and to promote friendly relations among the staff of the IITs and to foster a close association among them.

It is hoped that these activities would result in grater harmony, health-consciousness, brotherhood, goodwill, work sincerity; sporting spirit, open mindedness, etc. among IIT staff. The Sports activities will help the Institute to identify talented and dedicated sports persons from the Staff/Faculty ranks who will be able to assist the student's sports activities, help with officiating at various student sports events, and provide valuable guidance to the student teams.

We will strive to raise the standard of sports in the IITs and to work for the development of character and values through sports amongst the staff of the IITs.