Staff Gymkhana

Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur

A list of contact persons for various games/ sports is given below whom you can contact to join the respective games/ sports.

  1. Squash- Prof. Rajat Mittal (Dept. of CSE) & Mr.Shashank yadav(squash coach)(PE Section)
  2. Table Tennis- Prof. Rahul Mangal (Dept. of ChE) & Prof. Dipin Pillai (Dept. of ChE)
  3. Tennis- Mr. Nitin Kumar Singh (Dept. of CSE)
    Mr.Wadi (PE Section)
  4. Badminton- Prof. Rajesh Srivastava (Dept of Civil)& Prof. Kantesh Balani (Dept of MSE)
    Mr. Alok Yadav (Badminton-coach)(PE Section)
  5. Volleyball- Mr. Prashant Jaiswal (Dept. of CE)
    Mr.Amit dohre (Vollyball coach ) (PE Section)
  6. Basketball- Mr. R. L. Dhiman (PE Section) ,Mr. Pradeep mishra (basketball coach )(PE section)
  7. Athletics- Mr. Ram Narain (PE Section), Ms. Anjani Dubey (PE Section) & Mr. Ram Kripal (Dept. of EE)
  8. Football- Prof. Debopam Das (Dept. of ES) & Prof. Tajdarul Hassan Syed (Dept. of ES)
    Mr.Sunil kumar (coach ) (PE Section)
  9. Cricket- Dr. Naveen Kumar Gude (HC) & Mr.Alok katiyar (DOAA)
    Mr.Pankaj pandey (PE Section)

The dates for Fitness trail, selection process and other information will be announced soon. So be ready, start preparation and look forward to a much larger participation.

For any help/assistance can contact any of our staff gymkhana office bearers:

  1. Prof Aditya H. Kelkar (Phy)- Chairman
  2. Dr Naveen Kumar Gude (HC) - Secretary
  3. Mr. Vipin Katiyar (HC) - Joint Secretary
  4. Mrs. Meeta Bagga (CSE) - Treasurer cum Store-Keeper