Physical Education Section

Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur

Swimming Pool Management

Swimming Pool is an Institute Community Facility operating under the Physical Education Section through a Management Committee appointed by the Director. The expenses incurred in day to day maintenance and running of the swimming pool will be met out of the income generated through membership fees. The staff of the swimming pool will be directly under the control of the In-charge, Physical Education Section.

Swimming Pool Management Committee will consist of following members.

  1. A faculty member who is a member of the Games & Sports Committee Chairman
  2. Faculty nominee, Member
  3. General Secretary, Games & Sports, Member
  4. Captain, Institute Swimming Team, Member
  5. In-charge, Physical Education Section, Member-Secretary

Duties and Responsibilities of the Swimming Pool Management Committee:

  1. To prepare the budget and lay down the policy guidelines for smooth running of the pool.
  2. To decide about membership fees for different categories of users and charges for the guests of the members.
  3. To decide about the dates of opening and closing of a swimming season.
  4. To decide about pool timings and slots for swimming pool usage.
  5. To formulate/revise conduct rules and guidelines for smooth running of the swimming pool.
  6. To formulate qualifications for lifeguards and to constitute selection committee for hiring them.
  7. To provide kit for life-guards.
  8. To decide about any other matter which it deems necessary for the smooth running of the swimming pool.
Present SMC:
  1. Dr. P.M. Mohite (SMC Chairman)
  2. SPEC Chairman
  3. Dr. Ritwij Bhowmik (Member)
  4. Gen. Secreatry games (Member)
  5. Captain Institute Aquatics Team (Member)