Physical Education Section

Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur

At IIT Kanpur, we believe in nurturing not only our students' intellect but also their physical well-being. Physical and mental fitness have become integral part of the student experience on the campus. Our holistic education programme includes cutting-edge sports facilities and physical education, which promotes students' discipline, teamwork, and fitness. Mandatory physical education courses foster a healthy lifestyle beyond campus, with morning exercises and hands-on training in various sports disciplines.

IIT Kanpur's sports culture thrives on its 1055-acre campus, with students and residents participating in various sports, including the annual tournament. This culture demonstrates values and appreciation for the dedicated Physical Education team and students' efforts. Let us continue to embrace sports and fitness in order to make our community more lively, dynamic, and prosperous.

Wishing you an invigorating and enriching experience in your journey with us.

Prof. Manindra Agrawal
Director, Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur