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    A.K. Trivedi, C. Allison, A. Khanna, P. Munshi, AP1000 station blackout study with and without depressurization using RELAP5/SCDAPSIM, Nuclear Engineering and Design, 307 (2016), pp. 299-308

    A.K. Trivedi, C. Allison, A. Khanna, P. Munshi, RELAP5/SCDAPSIM model development for AP1000 and verification for large break LOCA, Nuclear Engineering and Design, 305 (2016), pp. 222-229

    Kavita Rathore, Prabhat Munshi, and Sudeep Bhattacharjee, "Design of a Portable Optical Emission Tomography System for Microwave Induced Compact Plasma for Visible to Near-Infrared Emission Lines", Review of Scientific Instruments,, 87,(2016), pp. 033501-033510


    Kavita Rathore, Prabhat Munshi, and Sudeep Bhattacharjee, "Design of emission tomographic measurement device for low pressure multicusp compact plasma application", , Intellectual Ventures Inc. USA ( through SIDBI center, IIT Kanpur) 2292/DEL/2015.


    M. Goswami, P. Munshi, A. Saxena and A. Khanna, Non-uniform arrangement of emitter-receiver pairs arrangement and compact ultrasonic tomography setup, Sensors Journal, IEEE, 89(2015), pp. 1198 - 1207

    M. Goswami, S. Shakya, A. Saxena and P. Munshi, Reliable reconstruction strategy with higher grid resolution for limited data tomography, NDT & E International, 72(2015), pp. 17-24


    M. Goswami, P. Munshi, A. Saxena, M.K. Gupta and A. Kumar, (2014), Plasma Diagnostics at Aditya Tokomak by Two Views Visible Light Tomography, Fusion Engineering & Design, 89(2014), pp. 2659–2665

    A.K. Trivedi, K.T. Sandeep, C. Allison, A. Khanna, V. Chaudhari, E.R. Kumar, P. Munshi, “Incorporation of lithium lead eutectic as a working fluid in RELAP5 and preliminary safety assessment of LLCS”, Fusion Engineering and Design 89 (2014), pp. 2956-2963.

    A.K. Trivedi, C. Allison, A. Khanna, P. Munshi, "RELAP5/SCDAPSIM/MOD3.5 analysis of the influence of water addition during a core isolation event in a BWR", Nuclear Engineering and Design, 273 (2014), pp. 298–303 (doi:

    D. Nath and M.S. Kalra, "Solution of Grad–Shafranov equation by the method of fundamental solutions", Journal of Plasma Physics, 80, 3 (2014), pp. 477-494.

    M. Goswami, A. Saxena and P. Munshi, "A New Grid-Based Tomographic Method for Two-Phase Flow Measurements", Nuclear Science and Engineering, 176, 2, (2014), pp. 240-253

    S. Shakya, P. Munshi, M. Behling, A. Luke, D. Mewes, "Analysis of Dynamic Bias Error in X-ray Tomographic Reconstructions of a Three-phase Flow System", International Journal of Multiphase Flow, 58(2014), pp. 57-71.


    M. Bajpai, P. Gupta and P. Munshi, "Fast multi-processor multi-GPU based algorithm of tomographic inversion for 3D image reconstruction", International Journal of High Performance Computing Applications, Dec. 30, 2013, doi: :

    P. Athe, S. Shakya, P. Munshi, A. Luke, D. Mewes, "Characterization of multiphase flow in bubble columns using KT-1 signature and fractal dimension", Flow Measurement and Instrumentation, 33(2013), pp. 122-137.

    M. Bajpai, P. Munshi, P Gupta, C Schorr, M Maisl, “High Resolution 3D Image Reconstruction using Algebraic Method for X-ray Cone-Beam Geometry over Circular and Helical Trajectories”, NDT & E International, 60(2013), pp. 62-69.

    M. Bajpai, P. Gupta, P. Munshi, V. Titarenko, P. J. Withers, A GPU Based Parallel Implementation of MART Algorithm for Limited View Tomography, Research in Nondestructive Evaluation, 24(2013), pp. 211-222.

    H.L. Kumawat, O. P. Singh, P. Munshi, “Uncertainty Evaluation of Reliability of Safety Grade Decay Heat Removal System of Indian Prototype Fast Breeder Reactor”, Annals of Nuclear Eneregy, 62(2013), pp 242-250.

    J. Tyagi, M. Kumar, H.G. Lele, P. Munshi, "Thermal Hydraulic Analysis of the AHWR-The Indian Thorium Fuelled Innovative Nuclear Reactor", Nuclear Engineering and Design, 262(2013), pp. 21-28.

    D. Nath, R. Majumdar, M. S. Kalra, "Thermonuclear Fusion Reactivities for Drifting Tri-Maxwellian Ion Velocity Distributions", Journal of Fusion Energy, 32(2013), pp. 457-463.

    C. Arun, T. Palani Selvam, Verma Dinkar, Prabhat Munshi, Manjit Singh Kalra, "Monte Carlo-based energy response studies of diode dosimeters in radiotherapy photon beams", Radiological Physics and Technology, 6(2013), pp. 151-156.


    A. Srivastava, A. K. Trivedi, H. G. Lele, P. Munshi, and K. K. Vaze, "Best estimate plus uncertainty analysis of LBLOCA for Indian PHWR", Kerntechnik 77, No. 5 (2012), pp 333-338.

    A.K. Trivedi, A. Srivastava, H. G. Lele, M. S. Kalra, P. Munshi, Uncertainty Analysis of Large Break LOCA for Pressurized Heavy Water Reactor, Nuclear Engineering and Design, 245(2012), pp. 180-188.

    K. Semwal, R. Ranjan, P.K. Panigrahi, P. Munshi, Color Schlieren Deflectometry Study of Jet Mixing: Effect of buoyancy and perforation, Heat and Mass Transfer, 48(2012), pp. 541-554.


    P. Tewari, G. Vinod, V.V.S.S. Rao, P. Munshi, M.S. Kalra, Uncertainty Evaluation of Blackout Initiated Accident Sequences of a typical PHWR, Nuclear Engineering and Design, 241(2011), pp. 5251-5262.

    N.N. Kishore, P. Munshi, M Ranamale, V. Ramakrishna, W. Arnold, “Tomographic Reconstruction of Defects in Composite Plates Using Genetic Algorithms with Cluster Analysis.”, Research in Nondestructive Evaluation, 22(2011), pp. 31-60.

    Nitin Jain, Anant Raj, M.S. Kalra and Prabhat Munshi, MART Algorithms for Circular and Helical Cone;Beam Tomography, Research in Non-Destructive Evaluation, 22(2011), pp. 147-168

    Nitin Jain, M.S. Kalra and Prabhat Munshi, “Characteristic Signature of Specimen using an Approximate Formula for 3D Cone-Beam Tomography, Research in Non-Destructive Evaluation, 22(2011), pp. 169-195.


    Verma D, Palani Selvam T, Arun C, Munshi P., Comment on "Energy dependence of commercially available diode detectors for in vivo dosimetry" [Medical Physics, 34(2007), pp. 1704–1711] Medical Physics, 37(2010), pp. 4517-4519.

    S.K. Rathore, N.N. Kishore, P. Munshi, W. Arnold, “Tomographic Reconstruction of Elastic Constants in Composite Materials Using Numerical and Experimental Laser Ultrasonic Data”, Research in Nondestructive Evaluation, 21(2010), pp. 61-90.

    S. Gulati, M. Behling, P. Munshi, A. Luke, D. Mewes, “Tomographic KT-1 signature of phase-fraction distributions in multiphase bubble columns”, Flow Measurement and Instrumentation, 21(2010), pp. 249-254.



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