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Prime motive of research mission in department is to create knowledge, technology, and ideas for the advancement of the society. The teaching and research programs in the department are well organized for interdisciplinary theme. Research program in the department can be broadly classified in the following areas

  • Transport Theory

  • Image Reconstruction in Tomography

  • Fusion and Plasma Physics

  • Simulation of Heat Exchanger and Two Phase Flow under Transient Conditions

  • Nuclear Reactor Dynamics

  • Radiation Detectors using Amorphous Silicon

  • Multi-phase Flow Measurements

  • Nondestructive Testing

Student interested in study towards Ph.D. and M.Tech. should seek advice from appropriate faculty member to determine their individual research directions.


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The facilities in the nuclear engineering programme are unique for an academic institution. Many other academic departments as well as industrial organizations are using these facilities.

  • 2 Mev Van de Graff accelerator with proton, neutron, and alpha sources.

  • Radiation detection equipment and survey meters.

  • Radio isotope gauges for corrosion studies, level indication and moisture content evaluation.

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The faculty of NET programme in collaboration with the faculty members from other departments have been able to attract significant sponsored research activity.

  • Application of Computerized Tomography and Fractal Theory in Material Characterization.

  • Experimental Investigation of the LMMHD Facility at BARC using Computerized Tomography.

  • Laser-Ultrasonic Tomographic Imaging of Composites.

  • Studies In Ultrasonic NDT for Composite Materials (Indo-German Project).


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