Niraj Mohan Chawake
(PhD, IIT Madras)
Assistant Professor, Department of MSE
Office: Faculty Building 412 A
Phone: +91 512 259 2181


Creep, Mechanical Behavior of Materials, Solid-State Sintering

Areas of Interest:

High-temperature alloys, Severe plastic deformation, Alloy design, in-situ deformation, structure-property correlation

Selected Publications

  • Chawake, N., Raman, L., Ramasamy, P., Ghosh, P., Spieckermann, F., Gammer, C.,Murty, B.S., Kottada, R.S., Eckert, J., Composite of medium entropy alloys synthesized using spark plasma sintering, (2021) Scripta Materialia 191 (2021) 46-51.
  • Chawake, N., Zálešák, J., Gammer, C., Franz, R., Cordill, MJ., Kim, JT., Eckert, J., Microstructural characterization of medium entropy alloy thin films, (2020) Scripta Materialia, 177, pp 22-26.
  • Chawake, N., Ghosh, P., Eckert, J., Kottada, R.S., An Investigation on Diffusivity While Achieving a Cylindrical Aluminide Coating on Metals Using Simultaneous Spark Plasma Sintering of Powders, (2019) Scripta Materialia, 170, pp. 156-160.
  • Chawake, N., Ghosh, P., Raman, L., Srivastav, A.K., Paul, T., Harimkar, S.P., Eckert, J., Kottada, R.S., Estimation of diffusivity from densification data obtained during spark plasma sintering (2019) Scripta Materialia, 161, pp. 36-39.
  • Chawake, N., Koundinya, N.T.B.N., Srivastav, A.K., Kottada, R.S., On correlation between densification kinetics during spark plasma sintering and compressive creep of B2 aluminides, (2015) Scripta Materialia, 107, pp. 63-66.
  • Chawake, N., Pinto, L.D., Srivastav, A.K., Akkiraju, K., Murty, B.S., Kottada, R.S., On Joule heating during spark plasma sintering of metal powders (2014) Scripta Materialia, 93, pp. 52-55.

Awards and Fellowships

  • Best paper award, International Symposium for Research Scholars (ISRS) 2014, IIT Madras, India.
  • Best paper award, International Symposium for Research Scholars (ISRS) 2012, IIT Madras, India.
  • Best poster presentation award, National Metallurgists' Day-Annual Technical Meeting (NMD-ATM) 2011, Hyderabad, India.