Nilesh Badwe
(PhD, Arizona State University, USA)
Assistant Professor, Department of MSE
Office: Faculty Building 412 B
Phone: +91 512 259 2205


Mechanical properties of materials, Microelectronics packaging

Areas of Interest:

Nanoporous metals, Electrodeposition of nanocrystalline alloys, Interconnect materials

Professional Experience

  • Assistant Professor, Materials Science and Engineering, IIT Kanpur (Feb 2021 - Present)
  • Staff Packaging R&D Engineer & Materials Technologist, Intel Corporation (Mar 2020 - Feb 2021)
  • Packaging R&D Engineer, Intel Corporation (Jul 2015 - Mar 2020)
  • Post-Doctoral Research Scholar, Arizona State University (ASU) (Dec 2014 - Jul 2015)

Journal Publications

  • N. Badwe, X. Chen, D. Schreiber, M. Oltza, E. Karasz, A. Tse, S. Bruemmer, K. Sieradzki, Decoupling the role of stress and corrosion in the intergranular cracking of noble-metal alloys, Nature Materials, 17, 887-893 (2018).
  • N. Badwe, X. Chen, K. Sieradzki, Mechanical properties of nanoporous gold in tension, Acta Materialia, 129, 251-258 (2017).
  • N. Badwe, R. Mahajan, K. Sieradzki, Interfacial fracture strength and toughness of copper/epoxy-resin interfaces, Acta Materialia, 103, 512-518 (2016).
  • S. Sun, X. Chen, N. Badwe, K. Sieradzki, Potential dependent dynamic fracture in nanoporous gold, Nature Materials, 14, 894-898 (2015).
  • A. Vaidya, J. Zhang, O. Jin, M. Mukadam, N. Badwe, K. Davidson, M. Mejias, B. Palanisamy, Overview of board level underfill process as a method to improve solder joint reliability, Intel Assembly & Test Technology Journal, vol. 21 (2018).
  • N. Badwe, K. Byrd, O. Jin, S. Walwadkar, P. Goonetillekee, M. Renavikar, SAC - Sn-Bi LTS SMT hybrid joint: materials, process impact on microstructure and thermal cycle reliability, Intel Assembly & Test Technology Journal, vol. 21 (2018).
  • S. Cheng, S. Aravamudhan, S. Mokler, N. Badwe, Development of next generation solder pastes, Intel Assembly & Test Technology Journal, vol. 21 (2018).
  • P. Goonetilleke, N. Badwe, S. Walwadkar, O. Jin, D. Amir, Studies on board level surface mount technology process development, reliability, and failure analyses for a flip-chip chip scale package-on-package component, Intel Assembly & Test Technology Journal, vol. 20 (2017).
  • X. Chen, E. Karasz, N. Badwe, K. Sieradzki, Film induced cleavage in stress corrosion cracking of single crystal AgAu alloys, (In review).
  • N. Badwe, S. Wozny, P. Daharwal, T. Rawlings, P. Diglio, M. Renavikar, P. Tadayon, High-temperature mechanical properties and fatigue of nanocrystalline nickel - cobalt - phosphorus (NiCoP) alloy, (In review).


  • TMG Excellence Award, Intel Corporation (2018)
  • ATTD and CQN Department Recognition Awards, Intel Corporation (2017, 2019, 2019, 2021, 2021)
  • University Graduate Fellowship - Arizona State University (2008, 2012)
  • Among top 3 students (out of 560) selected from IIT Bombay for Tata steel scholarship (2007 - 08)
  • Among top 3 students from Maharashtra selected for Hinduja merit cum means scholarship (2001 - 08)