High Entropy Materials (HEM) have emerged as one of the fastest growing research fields in the materials science and engineering. After its discovery in 2004, which originally focused on forming solid solutions based on equiatomic compositions of metallicalloys, the field has expanded to cover multitude of materials and affiliated phenomena. The great potential for unfolding the fundamental effects of mixing large number of components in high concentrations upon the evolution of microstructures and properties of materials and their speculated engineering applications have attracted the attention of both scientists and engineers equally. Some of the recent topics of discussion in the HEM community include multicomponent diffusion and phase equilibria; mechanical, magnetic and electrical properties of HEMs; HEM coatings; nanocrystalline HEMs; interstitial hardening of HEMs and many more. In order to take a stock of the advancements and progress in the science and applications of HEMs, IWHEM 2020 is planned at Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur (IITK). The intention of this workshop is to discuss the challenges and opportunities offered by the field with a special focus on the fundamental understanding of thermodynamics, phase transformations, possibility of phase predictions, multicomponent diffusion and their applications to design novel synthesis methods, microstructures and mechanical and functional properties in HEM. The deliberations will take place in the pristine and serene atmosphere of the green campus of IITK filled with academic flavour during March 7th and 8th, 2020. It is worth mentioning that IWHEM series of workshop is an Indian initiative. The previous two worshops were held at Chennai (2015) and Hyderabad (2017).

About IIT Kanpur

Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, established in 1959, is one of the premier institutions established by the Government of India. The aim of the Institute is to provide meaningful education, to conduct original research of the highest standard and to provide leadership in technological innovation.

This year, Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur (IITK) has reached the distinguished Diamond Jubilee (60 years) milestone. In last sixty years of its illustrious growth, Institute has touched many milestones in progress of science and technology and deserves a vibrant gathering of eminent minds. It serves us to envision the journey of IITK so far and celebrate it to take IIT Kanpur into new horizons of success and accomplishments

Vision Statement: "To create, disseminate and translate knowledge in science, engineering and allied disciplines that will best serve the society."

Mission Statement: "To pursue excellence in education, research and innovation by Enabling a creative and dynamic learning environment, Developing sustainable research solutions for the benefit of the nation, Building bridges between the academia, industry and society, Fostering entrepreneurial spirit and skill, Nurturing leadership qualities with sense of commitment and accountability, and Inculcating values and ethics in thought, expression and deed."



The Department of Materials Science & Engineering, earlier Materials and Metallurgical Engineering at IIT Kanpur was established in 1960. The department has placed very strong emphasis on educating and nurturing young minds for the better of the society and the nation at large. The department from its inception has striven to develop its curriculum that imparts broad based education along with strong fundamentals. The department periodically reviews its curriculum to remain abreast with the contemporary requirements. The alumni of the department have gone on to be part of various high profile national and international organizations in various walks of life and have made the department proud. The department has also made strong impact in basic and applied research by working on frontier areas of Materials Science and Metallurgy. Its faculty and students have also made tremendous contributions to the industry, particularly in the areas of ferrous and nonferrous metallurgy, mineral engineering, powder metallurgy. The department has also played a pivotal role in materials related activities of space and defense programmes of the country.
Since materials research has been evolving at extremely rapid pace, department has been actively recruiting young faculty members working in modern and cutting edge areas of research. This is reflected in the broad spectrum of research activities in the department. Current research activities of the department encompass not only traditional metallurgy related areas such as physical, mechanical and extractive metallurgy, but also in modern areas such as electronic materials, ceramics, polymers, biomaterials and various other functional materials. ‚Äč


About IIM Kanpur Chapter

Indian Institute of Metals (IIM) at IIT Kanpur, established in 1946, is the most eminent professional body in India representing all segments of metallurgical and materials engineering sector. IIM has 57 chapters across India and IIM Kanpur chapter is one of them. IIM Kanpur Chapter actively organizes events, such as Dr. N. K. Batra Metals and Materials Quiz, IIM Foundation day, IIM Lectures etc. Current office bearers of IIM Kanpur Chapter are: Chairman - Dr. Amarendra Singh (IIT Kanpur), Secretary - Dr. Sudhanshu S. Singh (IIT Kanpur), Treasurer - Mr. G. P. Bajpai (IIT Kanpur), Student Advisor - Dr. Nilesh Gurao (IIT Kanpur).