Frequently Asked Question – Corporate Communications Cell

Q1. What all types of templates of the agreements and MoUs do we have?

A1: All the templates can be referred to at:

For Generic collaboration agreement for research, please refer to:

Generic MoU for Exchange of student/ staff/ faculty, please refer to:

For Consultancy project, please refer to:

For Technology transfer agreement, please refer to:

For Non-disclosure agreement, please refer to:

For Material Transfer Agreement, please refer to:

Q2. What is the procedure of getting the agreements vetted?

A2: Please send any Agreements/MoU/Contract to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for vetting. Our Office will check the same and suggest changes if any.

Q3. What is the procedure to get the agreements signed?

A3: Once the Agreement is finalized by both the parties, Principal Investigator (PI) will submit a hard copy of the final Agreements/MoU/Contract along with a note file ( with recommendation of the HOD for further processing. Once it is approved by the Director, the DORD will sign the Agreements/MoU/Contract. PI may also require to submit a declaration for confidentiality.

Q4. Who is the authorized authority to sign the agreements/MoU?

A4: The Dean of Research and Development has been authorized by the BOG to sign all the Agreements/MoU/Contract on behalf of IIT Kanpur.
**Any faculty, student, staff cannot sign Agreements/MoU/Contract on behalf of IIT Kanpur unless with special approval of the Director.