Frequently Asked Questions while filling the Advance and claim under Travel, Contingent, Consumable, and Others etc.


Q1. How will the Online Advance Application Module work?

A1. The applicant will have his/her own login ID of IIT Kanpur office automation portal. All the required documents and details should be collected before filling the online application. After login to the DORD Online portal, apply for advance by providing the required details in the filling form and submit. If the advance holder is not PI (Project Investigator), approval will be required first from the PI.


Q2. I want to travel by air within India, am I eligible?

A2. Air Travel Entitlement to Govt Servants is available to those who are in level as per the Gazette Notification issued by the Government of India. The Travelling allowance is rationalised to enable the Central Staffs from Level 6 to 8 to travel by Air. The modified Travel Entitlement will be extended to LTC as well.

For project related travel one has to take prior permission for the lower level/graded staff, students, and project staff before starting the travel. The approval is subjected to project agreement and govt. rules.


Q3. What is travel claim related rules and procedure after complete a journey?

A3. Travel claim with advance or without advance both should be submitted to the DORD Advanced Cell after completion of journey and within 15 days. Prescribed form available in DORD web portal with duly attached PINGALA project purpose leave/official leave approval copy, amount of advance taken, date of advance as well as any other approval specially taken for the journey should be duly attached with the claim.

(For students, DORD journey approval or dept. leave copy and for International journey the NOC from DOAA must be submitted along with the travel claim.)

(For academic and institute employee, the PINGALA leave approval copy taken for project purpose journey and for International journey DOFA approved order must be submitted along with travel claim)

(For project staff and the research staff the DORD journey approval and for International journey, the DORD NOC must be submitted along with the travel claim.)


Q4. I want to purchase equipment taking advance project. What kind of process should be followed for submitting the bills under other than travel advance category?

A4. Equipment below INR 25000.00 only can be purchased from advance under project. All other consumable, contingent, research grant, miscellaneous heads and single purchase are not allowed above INR 25000.00 under any advances.

Excess payment cannot be claimed above 10-15% of advance taken. Except for workshop and travel, Advances as per prescribed rules and sectional head only submitted with prescribe DORD web available form with all original bills attached with verified by advance holder and entered in particular each item in register maintain in department, office or research area.


Q5. What is the timeline of advances till which the claim form can be submitted?

A5. Travel advance should be submitted after completion of journey within 15 days. Other advances should be submitted within 3 months after issuance date.