Robocon, as some might be knowing, is the most prestigious robotics competition in South-East Asia. On top of that, it isamong one of the select few competitions in which the team is not just a group of individuals, but the visage of the institute they come from. Each year, some of the most brilliant, hard working, and sincere people of any institute interested in Robotics team up to build robots to participate in the competition.


Society of Automotive Engineers, IIT Kanpur, a collegiate chapter of SAE India was established in Jan 2011 with the collective effort of a group of students with strong urge to complement the theoretical knowledge imparted in classroom, with emphasis on the practical aspects of engineering. Their idea to develop an automotive culture revolutionized the institute and SAE IIT Kanpur started with an initial strength of over 150 student members.

Aeromodelling club

Aeromodelling is the art of designing, building and flying miniaturized aircrafts (powered or non-powered). While Aeromodelling has reached a certain degree of sophistication, one can build a model plane from any material which may include Paper, Balsa, Composites so on and so forth. It is both a hobby and sport; the hobby aspect involves building and assembling model aircraft, and the sport part involves the flying.


The Robotics Club of IIT Kanpur is a fraternity, not just a group but a faction of such students whose passions dwell in beholding wires and metal beget a machine that has a brain of its own. It's here, that seeds of lecturing are sown by those experienced and erudite, nurtured by the interested and novice , pruned by minute yet unprecedented errors and harvested in competitions all over India.

Electronics Club

The Electronics Club aims to teach and help people understand the seemingly incomprehensible electronic gadgets in the world today, and also assists people in developing their own devices. A Fifa game controller, POV display, Ethernet chat client, a touch sensor - these are only a few examples of projects that have been developed in the club in the recent past.