Coordinator  will be provided with 50 Entry-Cards.

There will be 2 time slots for:


Organised Work: 2 PM to 6 PM; 8 PM to 10 PM

Organised work includes projects under the Tinkering Lab, SnT Projects, Departmental Projects, etc.


Unorganised Work: 6 PM to 8 PM

Unorganised work includes anyone wishing to explore the facilities or play around with the machines/learn to use them.

Students wishing to work in the Lab must book his/her slot well in advance on the portal (website) and collect the Entry-Card from the Coordinator

Students booking for the first time must register himself/herself by sending an email to the Coordinator, Tinkering Lab (contact details available on the Contacts page) providing his/her Name, Roll No., Email ID, Phone No and Department. Only then will the coordinator accept his request and make him eligible for booking unlimited no. of slots in the future.


Entry to Lab: Each student who wishes to enter the Tinkering Lab must show his/her Tinkering lab I card along with IITK I card .


Orientation/Training Programme:

There will be month long training program for students conducted each Saturday (9am-1 pm).

Students will get a certificate for training and then they will become registered students for operating in Tinkering lab.

15 days Orientation/Training Programme to be conducted by the 2 lab assistants.

General Test (Open to All) for equipments handling.

Students passing this test will be certified and can use the machines independently.


Using the Lab Machines:

General students/project members can issue the tools for usage in the machines from the lab assistants in the correct working hours by submitting their Institute I-Cards.

A fine will be imposed on them if they lose/misplace/damage any of these equipments.

Whenever working on any machine, it must be supervised by either one of the lab-assistants or the Certified Student Volunteer.


Using Consumable Items:


Consumable items like nuts/bolts/screws/washers/sheet metals/metal rods, etc. will be provided to project members free of cost based on the availability in the lab, and only if permitted by both Club Coordinator and General Secretary/President.


Safety Equipments:

Aprons and Gloves should be available (Compulsory to wear them).

Fire Extinguishers

First Aid box

A safety manual will be provided with each machine and poster to provide safety information regarding machines.

One Main Document: Should Include:

Detailed list of all the available tools/machines/other items in the Tinkering Laboratory and 4i lab (DST machines).

An article containing the details about the tinkering lab and all the relevant details (eg: the time slots for organized or general work, component issuing details, safety measures, Initial Training, etc.)

There will be multiple copies of this document readily available in the lab, will be provided to all students working in the lab, will be put up on the website and also sent on the students' list.


Personal Lockers:

Similar to the TA Lab, there should be 1 Cupboard with around 10-12 Lockers installed in the lab.

It will help the regular project members, Tinkering Lab Project Members keep their components safely.