Apart from a number a heavy machines dedicated for fabrication of student projects, the Tinkering Lab has two full time Lab Assistants for helping out with the projetcs . The Tinkering Lab will provide nuts, bolts, washers, screws and fasteners, etc. based on specific requirements and availability of inventory. Other than the existing inventory, users are encouraged to bring their own raw material from sponsored project funding, SIDBI/SIIC funding, student project funding, Student Gymkhana clubs, etc.

Efforts are also being made to provide as much basic raw material such as plexi glass, plastic, wood, aluminum structural elements, paints, etc. to the participating students.

At present basic lathe machines, basic milling machine, bench drilling machine, vacuum plastic forming machine, sheet metal cutting and bending machine, shearing machine, small grinders, buffing tools, hand grinders and drill machines, air-compressors, welding machine, bench vices for metal fitting and wood work activities, spray painting, all fitting and carpentry tools, marking and measurement tools, are available