Central Stores and Purchase Section is dealing with all kinds of Indigenous Goods. To avoid delay in processing purchase order, kindly check if the requisition has been sent in the appropriate requisiton format (prescribed format).


Terms and conditions for supply of Articles

  • The supply should be exactly according to the specifications laid down in Supply Order. Any item found defective or deviating from the specification will not be accepted and returned at your/supplier risk and cost. In case of furniture, the supply should be done exactly as per the sample provided by you (supplier)

  • All the consignments securely packed should be booked Freight Paid , insured and addressed to Dy. Registrar ( Stores & Purchase ) IIT Kanpur.

  • RR & Bills in triplicate along with freight and insurance receipt etc. should be sent to Dy. Registrar (Stores and Purchase), IIT Kanpur

  • Demurrage, wharfage if any, on account of late receipt of R/R will be chargeable to you (supplier)

  • No Goods will be accepted by the institute unless delivery chalan/packing slips give full details of the purchase order number

  • If Goods are rejected, notice of such rejection shall be given to supplier. On receipt of such notice, the rejected goods must be removed immediately at the supplier's expense and replaced by the other goods to be approved. All the rejected goods pending removal will remain in IIT K premises at supplier's risk

  • Please indicate Sales Tax Registration number on the bill an proforma invoice to facilitate the payment.

  • In case of payments against delivery, please send proforma invoice mentioning Purchase Order number This is to prepare advance payments which you will be given at the time of delivery.

  • Technical literature working /installation instruction must accompany all machines and equipments.

  • The delivery must be completed within specified delivery period .

  • Any Dispute out of this supply order is subject to the jurisdictions of kanpur city court only.

  • Local delivery must be made at Central Stores only.

  • Please book the material through Railway, Destination Railway Station, Kanpur Central, District Kanpur

  • Please furnish the following Certificate on the Bill:- "Certified that the goods on which sales tax has been charged have not been exempted under the CST Tax or the State ST Act or the rules made thereunder and the amounts charged on account of sales tax on these goods are not more than what is payable under the provisions of relevant act rules made thereunder ".

  • Payment Against Bank Guarantee : Please furnish bank guarantee well in advance in prescribed formats as required by this Institute along with proforma invoice to enable us to prepare advance payment as per the terms and conditions of supply order