Geotechnical Engineering Laboratory
Department Of Civil Engineering
Indian Institute Of Technology Kanpur
Doctoral Thesis
Developed by Saurav Kumar Sah,Siddhant Singh
Year of submission Student Supervisor Thesis Title

Suman Roy

Anumita Mishra
Dr. Rajesh Sathyamoorthy

Dr. N.R. Patra

A study on the effect of net confinement on hydro-mechanical behavior of compacted soils

A study of time-dependent settlement of single piles and pile groups subjected to compressive loads
2017 Srinivasan Venkatraman Dr. P. Ghosh Uplift response of shallow interfering plate anchors of different shapes in dry sand
2017 Vivek B Dr. Prishati Raychowdhury Numerical and Experimental Investigation on Seismic Soil Structure Interaction
2017 Thanikella Vijayasri Dr. Prishati Raychowdhury
Dr. N. R. Patra
Dynamic characterization of Renusagar pond ash embankment with and without geotextiles
2015 Sambit P. Naik
Dr.  N.R.Patra
Dr. Javed Malik
Active Fault and Paleoseismic Studies Along Himalayan Frontal Thrust, Central Himalaya: Implication Towards Evaluation Of Liquefaction Potential of Alluvial Soil In Indo-Gangetic Plain
2014 Lohitkumar S. Nainegali
Dr. P. Ghosh and
Dr. P. K. Basudhar
Finite Element Analysis of Two Symmetric and Assymmetric
Interfering Footings Resting on Linearly and Non-Linearly Elastic
Foundation Beds
2014 S. Mohanty Dr. N.R.Patra Dynamic Characterization and Analysis of Pond Ash Embankments From Talcher, Panki and Panipat Sites of India
2014 Satyajeet Nanda Dr. N.R.Patra Nonlinear Analysis of Stress-Strain in Soils and its application to some problems in Piles and Retaining walls
2014 Argaw Asha Ashango Dr. N.R.Patra Static and dynamic properties of expansive soil stabilized with waste materials
2013 Gyan Vikash
Dr. Sivasambu Mahesh 
Dr. Amit Prashant
A New CRS Consolidation Theory And A Compressibility Model For Kaolin Clay With Microfabric Effects
2012 Bijayananda Mohanty
Dr. N.R.Patra
Dr. Sarvesh Chandra
One Way Compressive Cyclic Triaxial Response of Raebarely Pond Ash
2010 Anubhav Srivastava Dr. P.K.Basudhar Experimental and numerical studies on geosynthetic reinforced soil walls & sand- geotextile interfaces
2009 Arindam Dey Dr.P.K.Basudhar Non-linearly Elastic and Visco elastic unreinforced and reinforced foundation beds : Modelling and Model parameter Estimation
2006 Koushik Deb Dr.P.K.Basudhar Dr.S.Chandra Modelling of Reinforced beds resting on soft soils
2006 K.Shanker
Dr. N.R.Patra
Some studies on the behavior of single and group of piles
2005 Sarat Kumar Das Dr.P.K.Basudhar Applications of Genetic Algorithm and Artificial Neural Network to Some Geo-technical Engineering Problems
2004 Priti Maheswari Dr.S.Chandra  Dr.P.K.Basudhar Response of Reinforced Granular Bed Soft Soil System to Static and Moving Loads
2001 Kondala Ramu Dr.M.R.Madhav Modelling approaches for analysis of reclamation process and response of reclaimed ground
1999 Putta Raju Dr.P.K.Basudhar Parameters Estimation from in-situ Pile Load Test Results using Non-Linear Programming and Neural Networks:An Inverse Analysis
1999 J.K.Sharma Dr.S.Chandra Analysis and Settlement of Granular Piles (S)-Single,In Group and with Raft
1997 Jimmy Thomas Dr.Yudhbir Morphology ,Ageing and Engg. Behaviour of Sands
1995 S.K.Shukla Dr.Sarvesh Chandra Time Domain Analysis of Three Dimensional Soil-Structure Interaction Problems
1995 Ravu Venugupta Rao Dr.N.S.V.K.Rao Time Domain Analysis of Three Dimensional Soil-Structure Interaction Problems
1994 Narayan Sabhahit Dr.M.R.Madhav
Dr P.K.Basudhar
Stability Analysis of Soil Reinforcement Problems a nonlinear programming approach
1993 Jagdish T.Sahu Dr.Yudhbir
Some Analytical and Experimental Investigations to Predict the Behaviour of Soils under the Railway Tracks
1992 N.K.Pitchumani Dr.M.R.Madhav Reinforced Foundation Beds Soil-Reinforcement Interaction Analysis
1992 Devendra Narain Singh Dr. P.K.Basudhar Lower Bound Solutions of Some Stability Problems in Geotechnical Engineering
1991 Chandan Ghosh Dr.M.R.Madhav Modelling and Analysis of Reinforced Foundation Beds
1990 Gautam Bhattacharaya Dr. P.K.Basudhar Sequential Unconstrained Minimization Technique in Slope Stability Analysis
1989 Rahim Abedimzadlh Dr.Yudhbir
Dr. K.V.G.K. Gokhale
Effect of Morphology and Mineralogy on Compressibility of Sands
1984 R.G.Kale Dr.M.R.Madhav Analysis of deformation of normally consolidated clay without and with crust
1983 C.Radha Krishna Sharma Dr.M.R.Madhav Analysis of single piles subjected to axial,lateral and combined loading
1982 N.Bhavanishanker Rao Dr.M.R.Madhav Studies on empirical modelling of soil behaviour
1982 R.S.Karmakar Dr.M.R.Madhav Settlement analysis of annular footings
1981 C.Vijayan Dr.N.S.V.K.Rao Finite element analysis at strip and circular plate anchors
1981 K.S.Rama Krishna Dr.M.R.Madhav Some applications of probabilistic models in geotechnical engineering Vol.1,2 &3
1979 K.K.Jain Dr. Yudhbir Stress path dependent deformation of K-consolidated soft clays
1979 Sarvesh Chandra Dr. M.R.Madhav
Dr. N.G.R.Iyenger
Analysis of beams and plates on nonlinear subgrades
1978 P. P. Vitkar Dr. M.R. Madhav Studies on prediction, reliability, and improvement of foundation behaviour on soils.
1977 B.K.Sahu Dr.M.R.Madhav Basic studies on mineral mixtures in relation to engineering behaviour of national soils
1977 S.N.Tripathi Dr. N.S.V.K.Rao Coupled rocking and sliding vibrations of embedded footings
1976 Shambhupada Das Gupta Dr. N.S.V.K.Rao Finite element solution to some problems in the dynamics of footings
1976 P.K.Basudhar Dr. A.J.Valsangkar
Dr. M.R.Madhav
Some applications of mathematical programming techniques to stability problems in geotechnical Engineering Vol.1 & 2
1975 K.K.Rao Dr. M.R.Madhav Analysis of initially bent and imperfect piles
1975 S.K.Mathur Dr.Yudhbir Stress-strain-time behaviour of anisotropically consolidated marine clay under various stress paths
1973 A.Varadarajan Dr. Yudhbir Effect of over consolidation and stress path on saturated ,remoulded clays during sheer
1970 R.V.Subrahmanyam Dr. K.V.G.K. Gokhale Role of interface water in the behavior of saturated clays