Abhishek Kumar Mishra

Roll No.: 22103261
Email: abhishekkm22@iitk.ac.in
Supervisor: Prof. Prishati Ray Chowdhury

Anjali Verma

Roll No.: 21103263
Email: anjaliv21@iitk.ac.in
Supervisor: Prof. N R Patra

Ranadheer Sagi

Roll No.: 21103280
Email: ranadheers21@iitk.ac.in
Supervisor: Prof. N R Patra

Mehdi Alam

Roll No.: 21103278
Email: mehdi@iitk.ac.in
Supervisor: Prof. Arghya Das

Adarsh Singh

Roll No.: 20103262
Email: adarshs20@iitk.ac.in
Supervisor: Prof. Priyanka Ghosh

Sankara Narayanan M

Roll No.: 20203268
Email: sankaran20@iitk.ac.in
Supervisor: Prof. Rajesh Sathiyamoorthy

Bijesh Paul

Roll No.: 21203266
Email: bijeshp21@iitk.ac.in
Supervisor: Prof. Priyanka Ghosh

Rahul Sinha

Roll No.: 20103289
Email: rahulacad20@iitk.ac.in

Shibsankar Nandi

Roll No.: 20103291
Email: ssnandi@iitk.ac.in

Surabhi Maurya

Roll No.: 20103299
Email: surbhim@iitk.ac.in

Ashesh Choudhury

Roll No.: 20103267
Email: ashesh20@iitk.ac.in

Spandan Sahu

Roll No.: 20103297
Email: spandance20@iitk.ac.in

Jayvardhan Kumar

Roll No.: 20103276
Email: kumarjay20@iitk.ac.in

Manish Kumar Singh

Roll No.: 20103280
Email: mks20@iitk.ac.in

Swati Srivastav

Roll No.: 20103300
Email: swati20@iitk.ac.in

Shubham Singh

Roll No.: 20103295
Email: shubsingh20@iitk.ac.in

Govinda Bakna

Roll No.: 20103271
Email: bakna20@iitk.ac.in

Sujitha Soundararajan

Roll No.: 20103304
Email: sujitha20@iitk.ac.in


Kamal Nanda

Constitutive modeling of rocks

Dr. Arghya Das

Address: Hall 7,F-319

Phone: 9940570661



Kajal Tarenia

A study of time effects on behaviour of piled-raft

 foundations subjected to axial compressive load

Dr. N.R. Patra

Address: New RA Tower, S428
Phone: 8895648546
EMail: kajal@iitk.ac.in/kajalterenia2@gmail.com


 Monu Lal Burnwal

Behaviour of shallow foundation on liquefiable


Supervisor: Dr. Prishati Ray Chowdhury

: Hall-8, F-207
Contact No
: 9431067863
Email: monulal@iitk.ac.in/monu.98321@gmail.com

Neeraj Kumar Das
Vertical response of footing under dynamic


Dr. Prishati Ray Chowdhury

Address: Hall 8,B-118
Contact: 9891464188
Email : nrjkmr@iitk.ac.in/nrjkmr.das@gmail.com

Piyush Parik

Behaviour of expansive soil stabilized with

 bio-enzyme and industrial waste

Dr. N R Patra

Address: E-318, Hall 8, IIT Kanpur
Contact no: 7077109727, 9407413127
Email : ppparik@iitk.ac.in/piyushce92@gmail.com

Richa Mudliar
Short and long-term performance of expansive

 soil treated with polymers

Supervisor: Dr. Rajesh Sathiyamoorthy

Address : GHTA, B103
Contact No: 7389659376
Email: vstricha@iitk.ac.in/mudliarricha@gmail.com

Sreyashrao Surapreddi

Study of amplitude reduction factor using

 vibration screening

Supervisor: Dr. P. Ghosh

Address :
A-218, HALL 10
Contact No : 7754916210
Aritra Bagchi

Research: Performance Assessment of Bridge Considering
 Aging of Substructures

Supervisor: Dr Prishati Ray Chowdhury

Address: I-217, HALL 8
Contact No : 8900364930
Email :
Akansha Srivastava

Supervisor: Dr. Rajesh Sathiyamoorthy

Address: D-710, Hall 6
Contact No: 9766110856
Email: akanshas@iitk.ac.in / akansha309@gmail.com
Chidanand M Jadar

Supervisor: Dr. Rajesh Sathiyamoorthy

Address: B-205, Hall 8
Contact No: 9916492200
Email: cmjadar@iitk.ac.in
/ chidurnr@gmail.com
Gobinda Das

Supervisor: Dr. P. Ghosh

Address: B-307, Hall 8
Contact No: 9040840393
Email: gobinda@iitk.ac.in / das.gvnd@gmail.com
Mohd Saqib

: Dr. Arghya Das, Dr. N. R. Patra

Address: H-118, Hall 4
Contact No : 9045327035
Email: saqibm@iitk.ac.in
Sachin Kumar

Supervisor: Dr. Arghya Das,Dr. Gaurav Tiwari

Address: B-305, Hall 8
Contact No: 87873338207
Email: krsachin@iitk.ac.in
Shahnwaz Ahmed

Supervisor: Dr. N.R. Patra

Address: I-317, Hall 8
Contact No: 9568235025
Email: shahmed@iitk.ac.in
Suaiba Ali Mufti

Supervisor: Dr. Arghya Das

Address: C-117, Hall 6
Contact No: 7006954657
Email: suaibam@iitk.ac.in

Indraneel Sengupta

Supervisor: Dr. N.R. Patra

Address: B-212, Hall 7
Contact No: 9366441491
Email: neelisg@iitk.ac.in / indra3011@gmail.com

Rakesh Bhatt

Supervisor: Dr. N.R. Patra

Address: H-204, Hall-8
Contact No: 8475062251
Email: brakesh@iitk.ac.in / rakeshbhatt899@gmail.com

Akshay Kumar

: Dr. Gaurav Tiwari
Address: E-310, Hall-8
Email: akshaykj@iitk.ac.in
Contact: 9413420698

Gowtham G

Address: H 104, Hall 4
Contact No: 8922934479
Email: gowthamg@iitk.ac.in

Mansha Mushtaq

Address: G-201 GH 1
Contact: 9149458772
Email: mansha@iitk.ac.in

Ghanta Naga Sireesha

Address: D235, GH 2 (Hall 6)
Contact: 934703119, 7382931094
Email: gnsiree@iitk.ac.in


Geotechnical Engineering Laboratory
Department Of Civil Engineering
Indian Institute Of Technology Kanpur
Research Scholar
Developed by Saurav Kumar Sah,Siddhant Singh
Name-Kajal Tarenia
Programme-Ph.D in Civil (Geotechnical) engineering.
IITK Address-Room no.-S428,New RA Tower
Contact number-8895648546
IITK Mail ID-kajal@iitk.ac.in
Other Mail ID-kajaltarenia2@gmail.com