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Mechanical Testing Lab

Location: ACMS 104

Instrument: 100kN Universal Testing Machine(UTM)
Model/Supplier: BiSS Ltd.

photo 1photo 1 The UTM will offer a dedicated fatigue-fracture test facility that can be used for carrying out low and high cycle fatigue experiments and fracture studies. Specimens of different sizes in flat and circular cross section can be studied over wide stress and strain amplitudes. Both the UTMs have a facility for Digital Image Co-relation that can allow full field measurement of strain in the specimen. It is to be mentioned that tests can be carried out over a wide range of temperature(RT tp 1600 degree celsius)and strain rate in different loading conditions in these equipments on hard as well as soft materials.


Instrument: 100kN Axial Tension-Torsion testing Machine
Model/Supplier: BiSS Ltd.

100kn100kn It is a tension-compression-torsion equipment that will be dedicated to study monotonic deformation of variety of materials from polymers to superalloys. The equipment has additional loads cells, extensometers, strain gages, and different fixtures to handle different classes of materials in different geometries(flat and round).


Instument: High Temperature Creep Tester
Model/Supplier: BiSS Ltd.

hightemhightem The creep station can test two samples at the same time at different stress and temperature levels with the capability to carry out constant load and constant stress tests in tension and compression. It comes with high temperature furnace and high temperature extensometers for accurate strain measurement.


Convener: Prof. S. Shekhar ( Internal:6528
Lab Incharge: Rama Krishana( Internal:7878
Lab Staff Mr. Anoop Kumar Raut ( Internal:7878
Operator: Shiva kumar Manipatil Internal:7878