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An RFID reader is a device that is used to interrogate an RFID tag. The reader has an antenna that emits radio waves, the tag responds by sending back its data. The solution will dictate.
An RFID reader’s function is to interrogate RFID tags.

Supported RFID tag protocols : EPC Class 1 Gen 2, ISO 18000-6c

Reader Protocols : Alien Reader Protocolâ„¢, Autonomous Mode, upgradeable architecture for future EPC reader protocols

Network Protocols : DHCP, TCP/IP, SNTP, DNS, SNMP

Antennas : 4 ports for 4 read points; multistatic topology; circular or linear polarization, 6 meter cables, reverse polarity TNC connectors

An RFID tag reader uses antennas to communicate with the RFID chip. Reader requirements vary depending on the type of task and application, and almost all applications will require multiple forms of readers to make a successful system.


The ALR-8610 series of UHF antennas is specially designed to deliver optimum performance. Optimized for the 865-MHz to 869-MHz frequency band .
The ALR-8610-AC circularlypolarized antenna uses circular polarization to distribute the UHF energy uniformly in a radially symmetrical pattern, providing the ability to read RFID tags regardless of orientation.
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