Distinguished Alumni

The Physics Department can boast of several physicists of immense international reputation among its alumni. Not only have these scientists received their basic training from I.I.T. Kanpur, but several of them keep close contact with their alma mater to mutual profit. It is our contention that our students all over the world are brand ambassadors for the quality scientific environment they have encountered - usually for the first time - in I.I.T. Kanpur, and the excellence of the training they have received in their formative years.

  • Ashoke Sen (string theorist, HRI)

  • Jainendra Jain (condensed matter theorist, Penn State)

  • T Senthil (condensed matter theorist, MIT)

  • H R Krishnamurthy (condensed matter theorist, IISc)

  • Spenta Wadia (theoretical physicist, TIFR)

  • Sandeep Trivedi (theoretical physicist, TIFR)

  • D D Sarma (condensed matter physicist, IISc, Bangalore)

  • Dinakar Kanjilal (accelerator physicist, IUAC)

  • Arup Kumar Raychaudhury (condensed matter experimentalist, SNBNCBS)

  • Deepak Dhar (statistical mechanics, TIFR)

  • G Ravindra Kumar (laser-matter interaction, TIFR)

  • Jnanadeva Maharana (high energy physicist, IOP)

  • Rajeev Bhalerao (high energy physicist, TIFR)

  • Samir Mathur (string theorist, Ohio)

  • Abhay Pasupathy (McMillan Award – 2011, condensed matter theorist, Columbia)

  • Shiraz Minwalla (string theorist, TIFR)

  • Rajesh Gopakumar (string theorist, HRI)

  • Ashvin Vishwanath (condensed matter theorist, Harvard)