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  • PBCEC, VH IIT Kanpur

aims at promoting Academic and Industry collaboration right at the grass root level for an assured positive outcome impacting both the Academia and the Industry. Its current Modus Operandi is the Dual Education System whose success has already been widely acknowledged in Western countries, especially in Europe. In a Dual Educational system both academia and industry partner to different extents in moulding a student to be a sound academician with highly skilled technical expertise to readily and easily handle the industrial demands. Success of such this dual educational programme in countries such as SPAIN, GERMANY etc., had lead to the emergence of TEEDE PROJECT under the aegis of an EUROPEAN CONSORTIUM co-funded by EARASMUS and Educational programme of European Union. It has seriously taken up the cause of popularizing the DUAL EDUCATIONAL STRUCTURE under the so called TEEDE project.

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. The project aims to promote the modernization and internationalization of higher education in the partner countries. Its purpose is to add more of Industrial component in Bachelor's, Masters or Doctoral level thus improving employability and professional edge with the aim of career enhancement.

IIT Kanpur, one of the partners of the consortium, has strong focus on technology and engineering and it serves as a regional center for implementation of national strategies for training professionals.




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