Bruker D8 Focus X-ray Diffractometer

Type: X-Ray diffraction
Goniometer: 2 circle goniometer
Detector: 0-D & 1-D scintillaton detector
Samples: Powder & Bulk samples
Analysis: Powder diffraction, phase analysis, residual stress analysis
Softwares: Diffrac-Suite, JADE, Match, Pearson crystal database & ICDD database

PAN alytical Empyrean

X- ray generator: 4kW (max 60 kV, max 100 mA)
Goniometer: 2 circle goniometer
Max. Usable Range: -111 < 2θ < 168°
Max. Angular Speed: 15 deg/s
Angular Resolution: 0.026°

  • Proportional Detector
  • Scintillation Detector
  • PIXcel1D, compatible with Cr and Cu radiation
  • PIXcel3D, compatible with Cr and Cu radiation

Analyser: Ambient polycrystalline XRD, SAXS and GISAXS, Texture and ResidualStress, Reflectivity, Rocking curve, Reciprocal Space Map, High temperature XRD, Low temperature XRD