Lab Norms

  1. Please note that SEM is an important facility used by several research scholars and faculty members. Make booking only when you are sure to use it
  2. Multiple booking/proxy booking for a single user on different names will not be entertained. The necessary actions will be taken on the defaulter by committee members
  3. Please come with prior preparation of what kind of analysis, results need to be carried out for 100% utilization of the slot
  4. The operator may not having the complete knowledge of your material. So, please provide details about the sample and instruct the features of your interest. It is recommended to bring the copy of your previous study or similar published work
  5. Better co-operation with operator is expected for smooth handling of machine
  6. TA/operator will be allotted for your slot by the staff in-charge
  7. If you have any issue with the operator, please report to staff in-charge or the convener of the facility. Users are not supposed to dictate/force the operator to meddle with the instrument
  8. It is user's responsibility to bring the properly prepared samples
  9. Gold coating is must for the non - conducting samples. Please do coating before your slot or approach the staff in-charge well in-advance for using coating facility
  10. The approx. size of the sample is 1 x 1 cm. The sample is mounted on the carbon tape which is pasted on the surface of the stub
  11. The sample must be completely dried, clean and free from volatile substances. The suspicious samples, unprepared samples and electron beam sensitive samples will not allowed for any analysis as it may harm the system
  12. As far as possible be in time for your slot and do not extend beyond your allotted slot unless it is vacant and available
  13. You may have to bring a new CD and save on it your digitally recorded micrographs and analysis data. Your data will be kept on the microscope system for a maximum of 30 days after which the facility will not be responsible for your data on the system
  14. Do not entertain any visitors into the microscope room without prior permission
  15. No body should interrupt the persons involved in working with the microscope
  16. Users working in non-working hours/non-working days should arrange for an accompanying person and avoid as for as possible working alone in the microscope room
  17. Don't meddle with anything in the microscope which you are not approved off
  18. Tools and consumables kept in the microscope room can not be taken out of the room
  19. Keep your mobile phones off before entering the microscope room
  20. No foods and drinks are allowed inside to microscope room
  21. Avoid stinking shoes and socks into the microscope room
  22. Long finger nails and wearing sharp edged rings in the fingers or bungles in the wrist are prohibited while working on the machine. These may cause permanent damage the machine
  23. Help us keep the microscope room clean and dust free

Any defaulter will be suspended from using the facility by the convener. The incident /case will be formally discussed by facility coordination committee and the decision of the committee is binding on users and the user has to comply with whatever penalty imposed.