Lab Norms

  1. All students must have to attend the first laboratory session to know about your groups and lab.
  2. Proper attire should be maintained by each student in the lab. Half pants, slippers and sandals are unconditionally not allowed in the lab.
  3. Do not play with any instrument housed in the lab, In case you need to change in the settings of your instruments, please ask the lab in-charge or TAs before doing it
  4. Do not take anything outside the Materials Science Lab. If you want any instrument for your research purpose, take permission from lab in-charge and do the proper entry in the register.
  5. Each student will be given a soft copy of the lab manual for preparing of pre-viva
  6. THERE WILL BE NO LABORATORY MAKE-UPS, Therefore try to attend all the labs.
  7. In all the labs, you MUST come prepared, or else you risk being sent back. Our suggestion is that after you complete an experiment, the same day check out what experiment you have to do in the next week and spend 5-10 minutes to take a look at that set-up. This will help you in reading the reference text later.
  8. Ask TAs any question you like about the set-up; but for technical and theoretical questions, talk to your tutor/instructor.