The Materials Science Lab of the department is housed with equipment's related to basic materials science as well as advanced functional materials related experiments for the undergraduate student of IIT Kanpur.
In this lab, two courses are being taught, one is Nature and Properties of Materials (ESO205) and another one is Functional Materials Lab (MSE 312) In the ESO 205, students will be exposed to basic materials science and metallography of ferrous and nonferrous metal and alloys related experiments.
However, in MSE 312, students will be introduce to a variety of advanced functional materials and devices underlying their processing, properties and limitations like biomaterials, organic semiconductor, ferroelectric, liquid crystal etc. Students also get a hand on training for fabrication and characterization of different devices and techniques such that an organic light emitting diode, organic solar cell, photolithography technique, spin coating etc. and get experience of the clean room facility.