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Alumni Post Doctoral Fellow

Prof. Nirendra N Mustafi

Research Area:  IC engines, Dual fuel engines, Engine emissions and particulate matter emissions measurements and controls

Current Coordinate: Professor, Rajshahi University of Engineering & Technology, Bangladesh

Contact No. +91-8869983151

E-mail: nnmustafi@gmail.com


Dr. Chetan Patel


Thesis Title: Spray, Engine Combustion, Performance, Emissions, Vibrations and Acoustics Studies of Biodiesel and SVO Blends.

Degree Awarded: Dec 2016

Current Coordinate: Associate Professor, SNPITRC Bardoli

Contact No. +91-9794132233

E-mail: chetanp@iitk.ac.in

Dr. Akhilendra Pratap Singh

Research Area: Advanced  Low Temperature Combustion

Degree Awarded: 2016

Current Coordinate: Assistant Professor at IIT BHU
Contact No.

E-mail: akhilendrapdf@gmail.com

Dr. Nikhil Sharma

Research Area Spray, Combustion, Emissions, Particulate investigations,  Gasoline direct injection engine

Degree Awarded:  2017

Current Coordinate: Assistant Professor at MNIT Jaipur

Contact No. +91-9455504117

E-mail: snikhil@iitk.ac.in


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