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ERL Lecture Series-1

1st Seminar in ERL Lecture Series by Prof. Chang Sik Lee, Hanyang University, South Korea on "Fuel Atomization and Combustion Characteristics of DME Fuel in a Passenger Vehicle Engine" 29th February, 2012. (Abstract)

About Speaker

Professor Chang Sik Lee teaches at the College of Engineering of Hanyang University. He received a B.S.(1967) from Hanyang University, an M.S in Mechanical engineering(1974) and a Ph.D.(1980) in Mechanical Engineering from Hanyang University. The research interests are alternative fuel engine, alternative fuels, exhaust emissions reduction, engine fuel sprays and laser measurement fuel spray, themodynamic analysis of engine system. Professor Lee is the author of Engineering Thermodynamics, Automotive Engineering, and Engine system engineering. He has also authored more than 250 articles in leading international journals such as FUEL, Energy & Fuels, Journal of Engineering for Gas Turbine and Power, Fuel Processing Technology, and International Journal of Multiphase Flows. He was a former Preisdent of KSAE, President of ILASS-Korea, President of ILASS-Asia and President of Atomotive Enviroment Center. Also, he was an Editor-in-Chief and he is a Board Member of International Advisory Editorial Board of FUEL, Advisory member of Editorial Advisory Board of Energy & Fuels, and an Editorial Board member of Energies Joiunal.

ERL Lecture Series-2

2nd Seminar in ERL Series Lecture 2013 by  Dr. Heinrich Voges, LaVision GmbH, Germany on "Optical Diagnostics for Engine Research" September 12, 2013. (Abstract)

About Speaker

Dr. Heinrich Voges studied physics at the University of Goettingen and got his PhD in physical chemistry (Laser spectroscopy) from the Max-Planck Institute of Biophysical Chemistry. In 1989, he founded the company LaVision together with Professor Peter Andresen. From 1988 to 1991, he worked at the Laser Laboratory Goettingen (LLG) and was leading the research group on “Applied Combustion Diagnostics”.
In 1991, he joined LaVision, first as technical director and since 1997, as a member of the management team. He has over twenty-five years experience in the field of laser imaging and absorption measurement techniques.

ERL Lecture Series-3

3rd Seminar in ERL Series Lecture 2014 by  Dr. William D. Bachalo, Artium Technologies, Inc. of Sunnyvale, California on "Recent Developments in Optical Diagnostics for Fuel Spray Delivery and Particulate Emissions" June 6, 2014. (Abstract)

About Speaker

William D. Bachalo. Dr Bachalo is the co-founder and President of Artium Technologies, Inc. of Sunnyvale, California. He is the founder of Aerometrics, Inc., where he was president and CEO for 18 years. He invented and directed the development of the phase Doppler particle analyzer, recognized as the most successful and advanced instrument available for spray characterization. He has conducted research in turbulent transonic and supersonic fluid dynamics at the NASA Ames Research Center, as well as spray combustion and spray interactions with turbulent flows at Aerometrics, Inc. Methods for spray patternation and spray drop temperature were also developed under his direction. Dr. Bachalo holds several patents on laser-based diagnostics techniques; he has won numerous awards recognizing his work.



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