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For Summer Trainees

For IIT Students

If you would like to have a summer training in the field of Internal Combustion Engines, CFD Simulation, Tribology. Kindly contact my research students and talk with them to identify areas of your interest. Then you can contact me for further information.

For Non IIT Students

We regret that we do not offer any summer training for non-IIT students. However they can apply through SURGE program. In this program, undergraduate students from IITK and other participating institutions undertake short duration, but focused research projects and push their intellectual abilities beyond those driven by the classroom.




For Project Staff

We always welcome intelligent and hard working researchers in Engine Research Laboratory. If you are interested in the field of internal combustion engines, you can contact me.




Lab Visits and Training Program

ERL is open for visits by automobile industry professionals. ERL also offer customized short term training program for industry professionals.


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