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English Proficiency Programme

English Proficiency Programme

IIT Kanpur

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English Proficiency Programme has always drawn its academic support from the conviction and sincere work contributed by people who are good in English and ready to spare their time for the cause. Now it is also feasible for EPP to avail of academic contributions from volunteers who operate with us online across the internet, just as it has been possible for quite some time to offer the course online.

A typical 'volunteer' or 'academic contributor' in the EPP team is a person

If you are such a person, you may volunteer to join our team and contribute academically.

You may be given a test or two online before any task.
The selection/inclusion of a new volunteer in the team is typically through such test(s), based on which we try to figure out the level of her/his capability indicating which tasks can be entrusted to a particular team-member. As his/her own returns/benefit, a volunteer gets As a matter of policy, we have never declared any rate of remuneration. Even when we have been able to give good amounts as honoraria, it has come to the volunteer as a post-facto pleasant surprise. One reason behind this policy is that it is difficult to make a rate contract on such services which are, in fact, invaluable. The more important reason is that we want to keep the 'volunteering act' safely academic and delinked from the idea of income, except for those who join the project in a regular job.