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English Proficiency Programme

English Proficiency Programme

IIT Kanpur

Partner Institution and Group Registration

Partner Institution: A college/school/institute/university (institution) from which at least 30 students or 10 teachers register together for any of the the courses

Practical English course

through a group registration.

A letter from the Institution Head in the format ( DOC / PDF ), authorising the Partner Institution Representative (PIR), initiates the process.

Group Registration: Registration of at least 30 students or 10 teachers from a college/school/institute/university, now onwards qualifying as a Partner Institution, through the
                                                                                                            electronic form.
Once a partner institution is defined through such a group registration, further addition to the group can be made in small numbers as well.

Advantages of Partner Institution and Group Registration:

  1. Contribution amount per registrant is less.
  2. There is a possibility of a responsible faculty member monitoring the progress of the students and, if necessary, giving direct advice.
  3. The partner institution stays in continuous contact with the EPP at IIT Kanpur through the representative, and can be among the first beneficiaries of every new scheme floated from EPP.
  4. The partner institution comes in the information loop and can use the information for holistic long-term planning. In particular, the institute may consider the possibility of allowing course credits to students based on this online course, in which case the entire data will be available in hand.
  5. An individual student/teacher who wishes (for whatever reason) to register individually may still do so, rather than going along with the pool of his/her institution.

What needs to be done by the Head of the Institution?
The Head of the Institution (Director/Principal/Dean/Vice-Chancellor) needs to nominate/authorise a faculty member as the Institution Representative for English Proficiency Programme and provide him/her with the operational freedom to carry out the needed tasks.

What needs to be done by the Partner Institution Representative (PIR)?

  1. Get nominated/authorised by your Institution Head as the Institution Representative for EPP. [The initiative for this can be either from the Institution Head or from the PIR himself/herself. That is, Institution Head nominates, PIR operates; or PIR proposes, Institution Head approves.] Get this letter scanned and keep the PDF file.
  2. Complete the
                            Partner Institution Representative (PIR) Registration Form
    by giving details of identity, contacts etc and the nomination/authorisation letter.
  3. Receive the communication from EPP (IITK) and go through it carefully to ensure that you understand your role and the logistic requirements of the task. We are sure that they are modest and you will find them feasible enough. But, you need to be sure and confirm it. Next, publicise your role in your institution, enlist participants, and collect their individual registration forms in the format ( DOC / PDF ) till the requisite number is reached (30 for students, 10 for teachers).
    You may include other students/teachers from the neighbouring area also, at your discretion, to reach the number.
  4. Next, execute the group registration through the
                            group registration form
    and this sets your role as the operational partner for EPP in your institution and locality. [Whether the contribution is made by the registrants themselves or whether your institution funds it is something that we leave completely to you and your institution.]
  5. If and when more interested participants turn up, you may add them to the group in small bunches. If needed, you may also constitute a small team of volunteers to help you in the logistics, though you may need very little assistance in that direction.
  6. You will be in close touch with the EPP team at IITK throughout and any difficulty/confusion, that may arise on the way, will be set right through mutual consultation.

Points to note:

  1. EPP of IIT Kanpur will share the logistic details and closely interact with the PIR (Partner Institution Representative) to facilitate the conduct of the course for the group of students.
  2. The PIR may also get interim reports of the progress of the registrants belonging to his/her institution.
  3. The PIR, at his/her discretion, may include in the 'group', students/teachers from the neighbouring regions in the spirit of group registration.
  4. It will be left completely to the discretion of the Partner Institution whether the Institution makes the contribution for its students/teachers or the registrants themselves pool it up.