1. From where I can get the details of fees to be paid by me?

Answer: Detailed fee structure is available at DOSA website i.e https://www.iitk.ac.in/dosa/


2. I had applied for Bank Loan, how I can get the fee structure for the whole course?

Answer: Tentative fee structure for new batch of B.Tech/BS is available at DOSA website under News & Events i.e. https://www.iitk.ac.in/dosa/


3. Which income certificate is valid for fee remission?

Answer: Income Tax Return copy of current financial year or the Income Certificate issued on or after 01 April of the current financial year by the competent authority is valid for fee remission.


4. What to do if name mismatch between Institute records and provided income certificate?

Answer: Either you have to get changed your particulars in our records or get the Income Certificate changed as per the records held by us.


5. What to do in case of non-availability of income certificate at the time of fee payment?

Answer: You are not entitled for any fee remission in this case.


6. What kind of fee remissions are allowed?

Answer: Please go through the foot notes available on the bottoms of the fee structure pages available on DOSA Web page.


7. On what grounds, I can get the refund of excess fee amounts?

Answer: In case of late submission of Income Certificate or availing some bank loans which are transferred to us after the dates of registrations within the prescribed time limit.


8. What is the procedure to apply for refund of excess fee?

Answer: You can apply by filing the prescribed form available at the following link : https://www.iitk.ac.in/dosa/data/Excess-Fee-Refund-form-14-01-20.pdf


9. I have paid my all fees but the Pingala Automation is still showing me as “Not Registered”?

Answer: There may be following reasons:

a) In case of online payment, payment may be under reconciliation.

b) In case of payment done by RTGS, you have to approach us with UTR no. and your details for issuing the fee receipt.

c) Any dues pending (Hostel, NCC, Library, PES, SBF etc.).


10. Who is eligible for fee refund?

Answer: Following students are eligible for fee refund:

a) Paid fee twice.

b) Paid excess fee due to non-availability of Income certificate at the time of fee payment.

c) Late Day Scholar approval.


11. To whom I can contact regarding Fee related issues during registration & refund of fee matters?

Answer: You may write to < This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. > or contact at telephone numbers 0512-2596945 to Ms. Sapna Gupta.