About Hall Of Residence - XI

Residence Hall XI stands as a prominent PG hostel within IIT Kanpur, providing accommodations for students in single and double occupancy rooms. Primarily hosting M.Sc, MTech, MSR, MBA, and PhD students, the hall boasts 490 rooms, catering to a community of over 500 residents. The facilities include both indoor and outdoor sports amenities, featuring 3 Badminton courts, 1 Basketball court, 1 Volleyball court outdoors, and Table Tennis and chess for indoor sports.

The hall offers a conducive learning environment with a spacious reading room stocked with books and newspapers. Additionally, entertainment needs are met with a TV room equipped with a Home Theatre system and a Music room for students interested in pursuing their musical hobbies. For academic pursuits, a Computer room with over 5 computers, each equipped with internet facilities, is available.

Further enhancing convenience, Hall XI provides essential services like a Xerox center, a barber shop, and a general store. The canteen, known for its high-quality and hygienic offerings, serves residents from 2 PM to 2 AM daily, ensuring access to quality food throughout a significant part of the day.

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