About Hall Of Residence - XI

Hall of residence-XI is one of the PG hostels of IIT Kanpur. It is equipped with 490 rooms accomodating more than 500 students. It is well equipped with indoor as well as outdoor sports facilities having 3 Badminton courts, 1 Basketball court, 1 Volley Ball court for outdoor and Table Tenis and chess for indoor sports.

It has a large reading room equipped with the books and newspapers, a TV room well equipped with a Home Theatre system having 5.1 channel digital sound system and projector, a Music room for fulfilling the need of music hobby of the students, a Computer room with more than 5 computers fully equipped with internet facility.

It also has one Xerox shop as well as one general store. It is also equippped with a high quality, hygienic canteen which caters the quality food to the residents from 2 PM to 2 AM everyday. The canteen is currently closed due to repair works.

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