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Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur

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Campus Care App: a smartphone-based complaint management system

This App is designed to integrate the user interface with the maintenance team, therefore, maintenance requests, such as civil, electrical, air conditioning, water supply, telephone, or network issues on the campus are quickly resolved. The users can lodge a request/complaint through text input, audio, or video mode. This video/audio feature provides a significant advantage over the text mode for describing the actual issues as some typical issues are better understood in video/audio mode, which otherwise requires a preliminary visit of maintenance personnel to the location, thereby delaying the overall complaint resolution process. For instance, to register a problem regarding a streetlight in an unnamed location, the location of the complaint can be lodged through the activation of the GPS-based location feature in a smartphone.

Campus Care provide support for all user specific requests lodged through Pingala Complaint Management System, Campus Care & Doip 101 Form

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