Materials Science Programme

Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur

List of Applicants shortlisted for the Ph. D. online Interviews
S.No.Application Ref. No.NameS.No.Application Ref. No.Name
1 IITKPG1\Ph.D\MS\2021014088 Anshul Das 20 IITKPG1\Ph.D\MS\2021000662 Sagar Kandpal
2 IITKPG1\Ph.D\MS\2021013909 Praveen Kumar 21 IITKPG1\Ph.D\MS\2021002621 Saheli Bera
3 IITKPG1\Ph.D\MS\2021000005 Radhe Shyam 22 IITKPG1\Ph.D\MS\2021003035 Vivek Kumar
4 IITKPG1\Ph.D\MS\2021009702 Manoj Kumar Dhal 23 IITKPG1\Ph.D\MS\2021006354 Sharik Akhtar
5 IITKPG1\Ph.D\MS\2021019950 Amit Anand 24 IITKPG1\Ph.D\MS\2021008335 Gopal Ashok Gupta
6 IITKPG1\Ph.D\MS\2021021891 Anand Kumar 25 IITKPG1\Ph.D\MS\2021009236 Priyanka Katiyar
7 IITKPG1\Ph.D\MS\2021022679 Sabyasachi Shit 26 IITKPG1\Ph.D\MS\2021010465 Arpan Dhar
8 IITKPG1\Ph.D\MS\2021003109 Pramod Yadav 27 IITKPG1\Ph.D\MS\2021010641 Aakash Tyagi
9 IITKPG1\Ph.D\MS\2021004861 Faique Shakil 28 IITKPG1\Ph.D\MS\2021013742 Satyaroop Patnaik
10 IITKPG1\Ph.D\MS\2021007357 Lokeshwaran S 29 IITKPG1\Ph.D\MS\2021012059 Aaquib Shamim
11 IITKPG1\Ph.D\MS\2021017332 Satvik Anshu 30 IITKPG1\Ph.D\MS\2021013659 Saibhargava reddy Mandapati
12 IITKPG1\Ph.D\MS\2021019906 Shadab Ali Ahmed 31 IITKPG1\Ph.D\MS\2021017073 SAUMYA GUPTA
13 IITKPG1\Ph.D\MS\2021022426 Swati Gangwar 32 IITKPG1\Ph.D\MS\2021020390 Ravi Raj Anand
14 IITKPG1\Ph.D\MS\2021000135 Pooja Rani 33 IITKPG1\Ph.D\MS\2021020921 Qazi Zahid Husain
15 IITKPG1\Ph.D\MS\2021017925 Surya Prakash Singh 34 IITKPG1\Ph.D\MS\2021021522 Krithika B
16 IITKPG1\Ph.D\MS\2021006493 Rahuram Chanthrakumar 35 IITKPG1\Ph.D\MS\2021022235 Soumyadipta Ray
17 IITKPG1\Ph.D\MS\2021010729 Sanjeev Kumar Patel 36 IITKPG1\Ph.D\MS\2021023016 Vimal Madhusudhanan
18 IITKPG1\Ph.D\MS\2021016019 RAHUL Kumar Tadav 37 IITKPG1\Ph.D\MS\2021005017 Mohit Awasthi
19 IITKPG1\Ph.D\MS\2021000127 Sharath p t 38 IITKPG1\Ph.D\MS\2021022737 Vinayak Pundir

Dear Candidate,
Thank you for applying for the PhD programme in Materials Science Programme at IIT Kanpur. Your application has been shortlisted for the interview stage of the application process. It is proposed to hold the interviews over Zoom web meeting on Thursday and Friday, July 16 and 17, 2020 in four sessions. You would be informed about the Zoom link on Wednesday by 12 noon.

You are requested to keep some blank sheets of A4 paper along with a pen which can be used for writing the answers to be shown to the interview committee. Please ensure that your camera is working and there is nobody else in the room to assist you at the time of the interviews. For all updates please visit the application portal at

With best wishes,
Rajeev Gupta
DPGC convener, MSP