Lab Norms

  1. Separate log book for each facility is maintained. Please enter your name & supervisor's name in the log book before starting the work
  2. Proper decorum should be maintained
  3. Clean the work station after use
  4. Use the machines carefully and if you are not confident please ask lab in-charge
  5. For use during the week end, only PhD scholar will be given permission. The student must contact lab in-charge before work & also fill the log book
  6. Take care of safety (like proper use of high temperature furnace, H2 flow, etc.)
  7. Please bring the abrasive wheel & diamond cutter for your work
  8. For any matter, please contact the lab incharge & you must inform him before using any machine
  9. Never lock any door, Do not take any item out of the lab, if you come with some nonconsumable/consumable items from your lab please inform to the lab incharge, before using
  10. In case of any non-conduct/ not abiding by the rules of the lab, strong action can be taken
  11. Never play with any machine, In case you need to change the settings of your experiment, please ask the lab incharge before doing it. To collect your images/data please carry your own CD or pendrive. CD & pen drive will be formatted before using
  12. In case UG lab is running it is preferred that the lab is not utilised for research purpose
  13. Standard procedure is given for each machine. Please follow all steps strictly