Dean of Infrastructure and Planning

Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur

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Office Order DateSubject
09/08/2023 Notification Appointment of Independent External Monitors IEMs
17/04/2024 Assignment of CUGL In-Charge for entire campus
16/04/2024 Implementation of Redesigned Forms for better Project Management
09/04/2024 Record of meter reading and generation of billing for further processing
09/04/2024 Regarding the delegation of responsibilities to an Engineer
08/04/2024 Regarding the delegation of responsibilities to an Engineer
17/01/2024 Regarding the delegation of responsibilities to Engineers.
16/10/2023 Close monitoring of under construction REC supported Studio Apartment
25/09/2023 Regarding Minor Work Comprehensive Contract Quantity Take off Sheet (MWCC QTO sheet)
29/05/2023 Implementation of upgraded Froms 104 & 104M for better Project Management.
21/10/2022 Regarding submission of bill for Hall-15 and Faculty Annexe by Contractors to DOIP office for further processing
20/10/2022 Implementation of Forms from House vacation to new allotment
12/10/2022 Regarding submission of the Electric meter reading input sheet
22/09/2022 Formation of Execution Committee and Staff Reassignment for faster completion Faculty Building Annexe and Hall 15
20/09/2022 Regarding Shutdowns of Substations/AC plants.
12/09/2022 Implementation of Revised Form DOIP 131
05/08/2022 Regarding use of Market Rate (MR) items in estimate
02/05/2022 Sharing the proof of submission of the processing fees
29/04/2022 Facilitating the timely execution of projects
22/04/2022 Regarding the delegation of responsibilities to an Engineer.
24/01/2022 Regarding the timely adoption of all CPWD publications-revisions of all works applicable to various stages of the projects.
24/01/2022 Guidelines for tender publication and acceptance through the IWD
09/12/2021 Institute formats for escalation statements.
09/12/2021 Guidelines to be followed for EPC Mode 3 contracts executed through Institute works.
08/12/2021 Renaming of various upcoming/recently constructed buildings
23/11/2021 Regarding the procedures to be followed for tender uploading and further processing for the Institute Works Department (IWD)
23/11/2021 Regarding the procedure for Procurement of Items for minor maintenance work through complaint management services
23/11/2021 Implementation of Redesigned Forms for Better Project Management
20/09/2021 Regarding the delegation of responsibilities of Engineer in Charge (EIC) for various Zones of campus.
20/09/2021 Regarding Setting Right / Renovation of Houses.
19/08/2021 Amendment to the Office Order Guidelines For Labour Contracts
18/08/2021 Timeline for Uploading Tenders
18/08/2021 Uniformity of GST Components in All Financial Documents
16/06/2021 Procedure for Publishing Tender
15/06/2021 Implementation of EOTC
15/06/2021 Guidelines for Labour Contracts
15/06/2021 Regarding timeline for submission of RA bills
15/06/2021 Regarding timeline for submission of Final Bill
12/04/2021 Implementation of PMS
01/04/2021 Regarding filling of APAR fo the Staff Members of IWD.
30/03/2021 Standard specifications for houses (except apartment complexes)
21/01/2021 Guidelines for Preparation of Estimate for Maintenance Contracts, Zonal Contracts, Annual Maintenance Contracts, Annual Operation Contracts, Horticulture Contracts and Sanitation Contracts
21/01/2021 Guidelines for Preparation of Estimate for all Construction Works
17/11/2020 Implementation of EMB
28/09/2020 Office Order regarding Constitution of Institute Infrastructure and Planning Advisory Committee (IIPAC)
12/03/2020 Guidelines for Future Space Allocation of Academic Departments.
30/11/2016 Revision Electricity Tariff KESCO
16/08/2016 CUGL Minimum Charge