Raj Ganesh S. Pala


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    +91-512-259-6143 (Office)
    +91-512-259-6227 (Lab)

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    NL-II-304 (Office)
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Research Interest

  • Electrochemical and Reaction Engineering
  • Sustainable Energy and Environment
  • Electro Catalysis, Fuel Cells and Photoelectrochemical Systems
  • Static and Dynamical Morphology of Nanostructures, Interfaces and Functional Materials
  • Transport Phenomena in Chemically and Electrochemically Reactive Systems


  • B.Tech. (Chemical and Electrochemical Engineering) - Central Electrochemical Research Institute, 1996
  • M.S. (Biophysical Chemistry) - Indian Institute of Science, 1999
  • Ph.D. (Physical Chemistry) - University of Utah, 2005
  • Post Doctoral Fellow (Heterogeneous catalysis) - University of California, Santa Barbara(2005-2008)

Research Overview

The contemporary requirement of obtaining sustainable amounts of energy in an environmentally acceptable manner provides a unique challenge and hence, great opportunity for chemical engineers and scientists. The research focus of our group is on the elucidation of physico-chemical principles which aid in the design and fabrication of materials and devices that are useful in converting various forms of energy in an environmentally sustainable manner. Elucidation of these underlying principles often involves a semi-quantitative description of phenomena that span a wide range of length and time scales. In this context, experimental and computational analysis is made using a wide variety of tools like reactivity trends in catalytic reactors, current-voltage characteristics, measurement of electrochemical response to the solar spectrum, characterization by chemical and electrochemical spectroscopy, quantum chemical density functional theory, molecular dynamics, Monte Carlo methods and continuum transport equations. Most of research projects involve an integrated experimental and phenomenological analysis as such an approach is often imperative in addressing complex energy conversion and storage systems.


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