Raju Kumar Gupta

Assistant Professor


B.Tech. IIT Roorkee, 2005
Ph.D., Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering,
National University of Singapore, Singapore, 2010

Office: FB-486
Lab: NL-II-303


Phone (office): 0512-259-6972
Fax: 0512 - 259-0104
email: guptark[AT]iitk.ac.in

Research Areas

  • Surface chemistry

  • Green synthesis of nanomaterials

  • High dielectric constant materials

  • Hybrid perovskite solar cells

  • Electrospinning of functional polymers and nanocomposites for photocatalysis and energy storage applications



Energy and water are two world’s major challenges with increasing population. Our research focuses on the development of multifunctional hybrid nanostructures for energy and environmental applications. Our thrust is on synthesizing nanomaterials utilizing a greener route. We look into the charge transport in the semiconducting materials in order to develop efficient photocatalysts for the treatment of wastewater. We develop nano-structured metal oxides using simple and cost effective methods and look into their utilization as electrode materials for high energy/power density energy storage applications. Perovskite materials are arising as a new generation of solution processable inorganic-organic hybrid photovoltaic materials. Our research on perovskite solar cell involves in: Film morphology control for improving device efficiency and reproducibility; Design new materials for improving device performance and stability; and Understanding the fundamental device physics of perovskite solar cells.


Awards and Honours:

  • DST Inspire Faculty Award 2013.

  • IEI Young Engineer Award (2014-15).

  • IAAM Young Scientist Award 2014 at International Smart Materials and Surfaces Conference (SMS 2014), Thailand.


Professional Affiliations:

  • The American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE)

  • Materials Research Society (MRS)


Selected Publications:

  • Prateek, V. K. Thakur and R. K. Gupta, "Recent progress on ferroelectric polymer based nanocomposites for high energy density capacitors: Synthesis, dielectric properties and future aspects" Chemical Reviews, 2016.

  • K. M. Tripathi, A. Tyagi, M. Ashfaq and R. K. Gupta, "Temperature dependent, shape variant synthesis of photoluminescent and biocompatible carbon nanostructures from almond husk for applications in dye removal" RSC Advances, 2016.

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