The accommodation is available in different categories as below. You are requested to fill the form below and raise a request for accommodation. Upon receipt of the request, the accommodation committee would review and allot you room in the best available option.

Please raise a room request as soon as possible. The committee would send you the information towards the allotted room. The room allocation would be final and would not be changed. Room rate given as per night/day basis.

Accommodation Charges

Accommodation Type

Single Occupancy

Twin Sharing Basis

International Guest House

INR 1800

INR 1250 per person

Visitor Hostel

INR 1500

INR 1000 per person

Students' Hostel

INR 500

INR 350 per person

*Since limited accommodation is available, it would be served on first come first serve basis

Click here to raise a room request : Request a room   

Students should preferably request boys' / girls' hostel and visitor hostel extension on twin sharing basis. Organizing committee will try their best to arrange a suitable accommodation for you.

For more details contact :

Mr. DP Mehta: +91 9839701212
Mr. Ajith A: +91 8508150085
Mr. Rohit Samkaria: +91 9816169609